GOP guru Roger Stone claims Hillary’s vote recounts increase probability she’ll be prosecuted

The successful and well known Republican political guru — whose career includes working for President Ronald Reagan — Roger Stone appeared on the Steve Malzberg Show aired on Newsmax TV to discuss the latest “artificially created” controversy regarding the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.
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Stone and Malzberg discussed the recent multi-million dollar attempts by the Green Party’s presidential candidate Jill Stein and members of Hillary Clinton’s “gang” to pay for court expenses and legal fees stemming from their desire to have state election boards conduct official recounts.

When Clinton’s minions joined Stein in the recount effort it angered President-elect Donald Trump, especially since he had announced he was not personally pursuing an investigation of her private email server or a probe of the suspicious fundraising by the Clinton Foundation..

Trump blasted the people involved including his defeated opponent calling her latest tactic a “scam” on Saturday. He tweeted that he would’ve won the popular vote had there not been people who illegally voted for Clinton.

Roger Stone says Hillary is backing the recounts in three battleground states: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Stone claims this Hail Mary action means she knows she will most probably be prosecuted by a Trump appointed Attorney General and a newly appointed FBI director.

Roger Stone said during the broadcast: “Now suddenly Jill Stein who couldn’t raise two cents, has now raised five and a half or seven million dollars, we have to presume this is [George] Soros money or otherwise Hillary money. Now Hillary, I think, increased her chances of prosecution by acting this way.”

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