Clinton’s anti-Christianity: U.S. Catholic leaders ignore election moral responsibility

“Although the broadcast news shows and cable news networks are careful about what they show on television during coverage of the Democratic National Convention, those attending the event actually see what is comparable to a Saturday night in the New York City Police Department’s central booking lock-up — freaks, perverts, bullies and other miscreants,” said former NYPD police detective Iris Aquino. 
Abortion ad no more lies

When reports of Islamic terrorists knifing an 86-year-old Catholic priest to death in a French church, the Democratic Party’s elite — President Barack Obama, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and others — failed to show anything that even approached the anger they display when they hear of a Muslim being “profiled” by law enforcement. And yet, many of America’s devout Christians, including Catholics are planning to vote for a woman whose hands are routinely washed in human blood to be the nation’s 45th President.

American Catholic bishops are ignoring a major moral responsibility,” senior rights activist John M. Snyder said here Wednesday, the third day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and individual ordinaries so far have failed to indicate that Catholics in good conscience may not vote for the presidential candidacy of abortion supporter Hillary Clinton,” Snyder said.

“Why?” he rhetorically asked.

Snyder noted, “Catholics in good conscience may not vote for a political candidate who promotes abortion.  Father Stephen F. Torraco, Ph.D., in his EWTN analysis of catechism voting requirements for Catholics, states clearly that to vote for a candidate ‘with the knowledge that the candidate is pro-abortion is to become an accomplice in the moral evil of abortion.  If the voter also knows this, then the voter sins mortally.’

“Hillary Clinton promotes abortion, euthanasia and same sex marriage.  If she were to become president, she surely would nominate abortion promoting justices to the United States Supreme Court at any and every opportunity.  She also would nominate abortion promoters to lower federal courts.  She would appoint supporters of abortion and other heinous practices to various positions throughout the federal bureaucracy.”

Snyder said, “A Clinton presidency would feature legal persecution of Catholics and the Catholic Church for upholding traditional Christian morality.  This probably would include criminal penalties for conviction.


Catholic-Pro-Abortion-SignOn April 23, 2015, Hillary, keynoting the Women in the World Summit, said, ‘Far too many women are denied access to reproductive health and safe childbirth, and laws don’t count for much if they’re not enforced.  Rights have to exist in practice – not just on paper.  Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will.  And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.’

“As Bill Donohue of the Catholic League commented at the time, ‘Hillary has a problem with the Catholic Church’s teachings on abortion – they must be changed.'”

“It was a rough election cycle for pro-life Democrats, largely due to our own party position on abortion,” Democrats for Life executive director Kristen Day told EWTN News.

“In pro-life states and districts, Democrats, and particularly pro-life women, have a hard time pulling the lever for a candidate who is associated with a Party that not only supports abortion but actively campaigns against providing any reasonable restrictions on a ‘medical procedure’ that takes a life,” Day explained in a press release.

Noting that 21 million Democrats identify as pro-life, Day said that the party’s inflexible stance on the issue is too extreme for most members of the party.

“A large majority of Democrats support reasonable restrictions on abortion. We are alienating a whole new generation of pro-life Democrats.”

Snyder said, “Catholic Bishops and Christians generally through prayer can seek the assistance of Our Lord Jesus Christ in this situation.  It also may be especially appropriate to seek intercessory prayerful assistance from Blessed Teresa of Calcutta. The date for the canonization of Blessed Teresa has been set for September 4, just two months before the November presidential election.

“This is especially significant because at the 1994 National Prayer Breakfast then First Lady Hillary Clinton heard Mother Teresa declare, ‘Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what they want.  This is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion.'”

Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan noted that Hillary Clinton, seated within a few feet of Mother Teresa on the dais, was “not applauding.”  Hillary “glistened in the lights and moved not a muscle, looking at the speaker in a determinedly semi-pleasant way.”Pelosi and ClintonSnyder said, “Bishops should inform Catholics they cannot in good conscience support Clinton for president.  The best practical way to prevent Clinton from becoming president is to elect the Trump-Pence ticket.  A President Clinton would persecute Catholics for their faith.  Catholic Church officials and others can support the Trump-Pence ticket to preserve freedom of religion.”

If Americans need proof of how the Democrats have distorted the teachings of Christianity, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-California, is quoted as saying God is abortion.  “I think that, so many times, white — non-college-educated white males have voted Republican. They voted against their own economic interests because of guns, because of gays, and because of God, the three G’s,” said Pelosi. “God being the woman’s right to choose,” she added.

Snyder has been named “the dean of Washington gun lobbyists” by the Washington Post and New York Times, “a champion of the right of self-defense” by the Washington Times, the “gun dean” by Human Events, and “the senior rights activist in Washington” by Shotgun News.  The Trace recently designated him a power broker.

He has been an NRA magazine editor and official of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and Second Amendment Foundation.  He directs Telum Associates, LL.C, and serves on boards of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, Council for America and American Federation of Police & Concerned Citizens.




Jim Kouri, CPP, is founder and CEO of Kouri Associates, a homeland security, public safety and political consulting firm. He's formerly Fifth Vice-President, now a Board Member of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, a columnist, and a contributor to the nationally syndicated talk-radio program, the Chuck Wilder Show.. He's former chief of police at a New York City housing project in Washington Heights nicknamed "Crack City" by reporters covering the drug war in the 1980s. In addition, he served as director of public safety at St. Peter's University and director of security for several major organizations. He's also served on the National Drug Task Force and trained police and security officers throughout the country.

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