Hillary and race baiters will be held to account: Larry Klayman

Photograph: While Hillary wants to turn minorities against cops, she also wants to disarm American citizens. However, she is always protected by heavily armed men and women.

Hillary Rodham Clinton last week during the Republican National Convention equated her opponent and presidential GOP candidate Donald Trump with the Wizard of Oz, suggesting that he is not what he appears to be and hides behind of curtain of deception.

Former DOJ prosecutor Larry Klayman calls Bill and Hillary Clinton the new "Bonnie & Clyde," a historical criminal duo.
Former DOJ prosecutor Larry Klayman calls Bill and Hillary Clinton the new “Bonnie & Clyde,” a historical criminal duo.

For the “Bonnie of the Bonnie and Clyde” criminal duo, which includes her hubby, Bill, otherwise known as “Slick Willy,” the analogy was ironic. Given her never-ending spate of scandals, and the fact that the private email caper is not over, it’s clear that sooner or later Dorothy’s house in Kansas is about to fall on the Wicked Witch of the Left.

Despite my skepticism of the legal and judicial systems – given all I have experienced and fought for over the years in the trenches of Washington, D.C., and around the nation, which I chronicled in my autobiography, “Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment,” and in my 300-plus columns over the years at WND, I continue to believe in justice and, more importantly, “divine justice.” Plain and simple, the rank criminality and corruption of the Wicked Witch of the Left will catch up to her, and I am not just talking about the possibility that she may never be president of the United States.

The stench surrounding her has reached historic proportions. The history of her misdeeds, all of which have the establishments of both major political parties and compromised law enforcement authorities have attempted to cover up, is at the level of an unserviced and overflowing septic tank in your backyard. The putrid order of the past of the Wicked Witch and her husband – a president who at a minimum engaged in oral sex with a young White House intern while it was the nation that was getting screwed with illegalities, ranging from Whitewater, to Chinagate, to Filegate, to Travelgate, to IRSatre, to name just a few of their more than 40 scandals – is now a documented pattern of corruption and criminality.

Thus, when Hillary Clinton descends from her broom and shows up in Philadelphia next week for the Democratic National Convention, she will be lucky to be confronted not by Munchkins but by protesters in front of Independence Hall and elsewhere in the “City of Brotherly Love” – which, despite my own love for my birthplace and that of the nation, is hardly a forgiving place. For example, when I was a young boy and was lucky enough to be invited to attend a Philadelphia Eagles’ football fame at Franklin Field at the University of Pennsylvania, the crowd, angry at the Eagles’ then likely loss to chief regional rival the New York Giants, even booed a squirrel that had wandered onto the field during a timeout. Indeed, it has been reported that 35,000 to 50,000 protesters, many of whom are the supporters of the Wicked Witch’s former rival for the Democrat presidential nomination, will appear to confront her and her henchmen. And their expression of anger will not be for wont of squirrels in the nations’ birthplace.

For if ever there were a phony, it is not the Wizard of Oz but the Wicked Witch of the Left herself. Initially associated with communists like Saul Alinsky during her years at Yale and after her graduation from that leftist bastion of cancerous fools, she has along the way of her long, sordid, so-called career morphed into what is convenient politically and otherwise at the time. Today, in her quest for the presidency, she is not just a rabid feminist trying to win the “women’s vote” in the face of what the mainstream media sell as The Donald’s male chauvinism and crassness toward the opposite sex, but also an ardent supporter of Black Lives Matter and its co-conspirators who are successfully igniting a race war.

These black, racist supporters of the Wicked Witch, to put in mildly, include but are not limited to the racist-in-chief himself, Barack Hussein Obama, who regrettably is currently our president. The others are the certified black Muslim Jew, Christian, white hater and leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, the degenerate “Rev.” Al Sharpton, the race-baiting former Attorney General Eric Holder and the founders of Black Lives Matter. This week, all were served by same-day process servers with their pre-Christmas gift (of course, Farrakhan and Obama and many of their comrades celebrate Ramadan), a class-action complaint I filed as lead plaintiff in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, where the Dallas police massacre recently was perpetrated.

Actor James Woods completely defines Rev, Al Sharpton in but a few words.
Actor James Woods completely defines Rev, Al Sharpton in but a few words.

The class-action complaint, which alleges that these defendants incited, provoked and/or engaged in the violence that has resulted in many police and law enforcement killings, can be viewed at FreedomWatchUSA.org. It is at best amusing that Sharpton, the charlatan that he is, actually ran from the process server. As I stated in this Daily Caller article, it is also ironic at best that big mouth and MSNBC commentator Sharpton, the Muslim King Obama’s right-hand man when it comes to race-baiting and hating, someone who has a “seasons pass” to the White House, did not have the courage to willingly accept the complaint. Apparently, a court of law is not where the so-called Rev. Al feels at home. Home for this sleaze ball is a good riot pitting blacks against whites and any others he can use as a foil to jingle the change for his racist organization and himself. He is a coward, plain and simple. Indeed, most bullies run from a legal fight when called to account.

But along with the Wicked Witch herself, which I continue to pursue in court concerning her private email server and related history of racketeering scandals, Obama, Sharpton, Farrakhan, Holder and Black Lives Matter will now be called before the bar of justice. Let them appear in front of a federal judge in Dallas, just as they appear in front of their racist supporters who are now in the process of irreparably dividing the races and wreaking death and destruction to not just law enforcement authorities, but others as well, including their own creed in the inner cities.

Yes, Hillary Clinton, the Wicked Witch of the Left and her enablers like Obama, Sharpton, Farrakhan, Holder (Holder illegally sold pardons for her and Bill while he was deputy attorney general during the Clinton administration, as well as helped cover up the Clintons’ Chinagate scandal) and Black Lives Matter are about to have a legal house fall on them, one way or the other. And, if this does not immediately work, we must believe in “divine justice” to stay sane in this day and age of destructive, dangerous and homicidal corruption and criminality that has infested the nation’s body politic.

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