WABC’s Rita Cosby’s Interview of Hillary: Clinton Discusses Roy Moore, Al Franken, President Trump, Bill’s Scandals, and Uranium One 

Above photo: Bill and Hillary Clinton are very unpopular in Haiti after they allegedly used a natural disaster as part of their pay-to-play scheme involving the Clinton Foundation, a suspicious charity.

The former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is on tour for her new book “What Happened,” did a wide-ranging exclusive interview Friday with New York City’s WABC Radio Host Rita Cosby which contained some tough and challenging questions about her husband and other issues. Cosby is an award-winning broadcast journalist, a bestselling author and a top-rated talk show host.

There are many who suspect there was more collusion between Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Hillary Clinton than there was with Putin and Trump.

“Listening to Rita Cosby interviewing Hillary Clinton was simply a major contribution to talk radio. What continued to surprise me during that interview was Miss Cosby’s ability to remain calm probably knowing that Hillary has a very casual relationship with facts and truthfulness,” said former police detective and U.S. Marine Iris Aquino. “Clinton lies like an organized crime figure or a ‘mob’ lawyer,” she added.

During Cosby’s interview, Clinton blasted Alabama GOP Senate Nominee Roy Moore and President Donald Trump, lumping them together, and saying there is a big difference between those two and allegations surrounding their sexual behavior versus Democratic Senator Al Franken. She says Franken’s apology for his inappropriate behavior and his willingness for a Congressional ethics investigation into that “is the kind of accountability I’m talking about. I don’t hear that from Roy Moore or Donald Trump… Look at the contrast between Al Franken, accepting responsibility, apologizing, and Roy Moore and Donald Trump who have done neither.” 

Secretary Clinton says President Trump “has disgraced the office.” When asked by host Rita Cosby if there is anything she admires about President Trump or what he’s accomplished while in office, she quickly answered, “No. The answer is absolutely no, Rita.. I didn’t think he’d be as bad as he turned out to be.” 

On Roy Moore she said, “Clearly he doesn’t appear to be someone who will bring respect and honor to the state of Alabama.”  When asked about her own husband’s past behavior and if she

Besides his impressive legal career that included rising to the top Alabama seat on the State Supreme Court, Moore graduated with honors from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and served in this nation’s military.

should’ve been more supportive of his female accusers versus reports that she attacked their credibility, “Every situation has to be judged on its own merit.”  She further said those allegations were investigated and recent comments by others about her husband are not relevant, “I don’t know that we can rewrite and revise history.”

Of specifically Senator Gillibrand’s recent comments about President Clinton, that he should’ve resigned after his affair with Monica Lewinsky, “I don’t exactly know what she (Gillibrand) was trying to say.”

On the Administration’s tax reform plan, Secretary Clinton made a bold prediction, “I will predict to you that a number of Republican members of Congress who voted for it, will lose their seats in 2018.” Of the Senate GOP tax plan, It’s “gone from bad to worse… This is bad policy, that is downright cruel to working Americans.”

Clinton called the Uranium One allegations “a political stunt by the Trump Administration and its allies to distract from the very serious information coming out about the Trump campaign’s connections with Russia.” She calls the Uranium One allegations tied to her and the Clinton Foundation, “crazy allegations” by the political right. “I had nothing to do with the decision (on the Uranium One deal). Now that is a fact.”

To hear Friday’s interview with former Secretary Clinton, click on this WABC Radio story which contains the AUDIO LINKhttp://bit.ly/2zTbdtN


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