Ukrainian Documents Reveal Biden, Obama Minions Got $17.5 Million Through Racketeering

Joe and Hunter Biden.

While the usual suspects – Democrats and the news media – continue to pursue the impeachment of President Donald Trump, those within the conservative movement are gathering more and more information and evidence about how corrupt Joe and Hunter Biden were regarding Ukraine.

During Trump’s political rallies in Minneapolis and New Orleans on Thursday and Friday respectively, the President told the crowds that the Bidens are facing an unhappy outcome because the Ukrainian “deep state” is starting to leak material about the former Vice President and his disappointing son, Hunter, the way the U.S. deep state leaks allegations against President Trump.

The Obama White House, Joe Biden, and Hunter Biden allegedly bilked the Ukrainian government and its taxpayers out of $17.5 million, according to new documents Ukrainian officials and presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani have begun to reveal.

As reported and documented by One America News:

  • By his own admission, Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion from the Ukrainian government if they didn’t fire a prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, who was investigating corruption tied to Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian gas company that was paying Hunter Biden $50,000 or $80,000 per month with some sources saying as high as $167,000 a month;
  • According to OAN reportage, Joe Biden made several trips to Ukraine — at least six — during his final two years in office after Obama named him ‘point man’ following Russia’s invasion of the Crimea;
  • Hunter Biden wasn’t the only one coming out of the Ukraine with close to $1 million in laundered funds according to a Ukrainian member of parliament;
  • Joe Biden may have broken the law to help his son Hunter;
  • In all, Hunter Biden received around $16.5 million in funds from Ukrainian entities that some are now calling a racketeering operation;
  • Other Obama administration officials may also have been involved in bilking Ukraine, including a former U.S. ambassador.
  • Ukrainian President Zelensky is pledging to form a joint Ukraine-U.S. prosecution team to go after corruption in both of our countries.
Former Secretary of State John Kerry meets and speaks regularly with America’s enemies.

Kerry,was discovered in early September 2018 colluding with Iran as part of the Deep State’s “shadow government diplomacy program” during his unofficial secret meetings with Iran’s military and foreign affairs officials.  In fact, according to the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, Kerry met with Iranian Former Minister Javad Zarif at least three times by his own admission.

Kerry and his Islamic-terrorism funding friends allegedly spoke about a number of topics especially the scrapped Obama nuclear deal, but it’s not known what other topics were discussed with the world’s leading benefactor of terrorist groups and Islamic militants.

“The deal has been touted as an Obama administration achievement even though the Iranians got billions of dollars and the economic sanctions were lifted but the U.S. received nothing in return except an empty promise. Obama’s successor, President Donald Trump called the Obama-Iran deal a foolish one that gave Iran everything and the United States nothing,” said, former military intelligence operative and now a county sheriff, Timothy McMurphy.

According to former Ambassador Alan Keyes’ Renew AmericaObama and his national security team — Secretary Kerry, Susan Rice and Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett —  who were originally charged with investigating Iran’s network of Islamic terrorism funding, couldn’t care less about handing over the deal-sweetening billions of dollars in what many construed as a bribery from Obama in order to take a number of bows in the U.S. and at the United Nations.

Obama, Jarrett, Rice, John Brennan and other members of the former President’s secretive inner-circle systematically disbanded elite law enforcement units within the federal government. These units and squads were investigating the Iranian, Syrian, and Venezuelan terrorism financing networks.



Jim Kouri, CPP, is founder and CEO of Kouri Associates, a homeland security, public safety and political consulting firm. He's formerly Fifth Vice-President, now a Board Member of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, a columnist, and a contributor to the nationally syndicated talk-radio program, the Chuck Wilder Show.. He's former chief of police at a New York City housing project in Washington Heights nicknamed "Crack City" by reporters covering the drug war in the 1980s. In addition, he served as director of public safety at St. Peter's University and director of security for several major organizations. He's also served on the National Drug Task Force and trained police and security officers throughout the country.

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