U.S. Representative Walter Jones Receives 2015 Constitutional Conservative Award

RINOs, Wall Street Bankers, and International Globalists try to Defeat Grassroots Conservative Once Again

Rep. Walter Jones, R-North Carolina.
Rep. Walter Jones, R-North Carolina.

ConservativeBase.com is pleased to award its 2015 Constitutional Conservative of the Year Award to U.S. Representative Walter Jones of North Carolina. Jones, who has long represented Eastern North Carolina, has been a champion for grassroots conservatives in the U.S. Congress. He has fought against political correctness, warned of the dangers of the U.S. getting too cozy with communist China, and fought for U.S. military veterans. Jones has also led the fight against political correctness in the Pentagon, when military chaplains were not allowed to conclude their prayers “in the name of Jesus.”

Unfortunately, the “usual suspects” – RINOs, Wall Street bankers, and international globalists, including PACs from the likes of Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., are doing their very best to defeat a principled conservative they cannot buy – U.S. Representative Walter Jones. Money is pouring in from dubious sources with close ties to the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg Group in an effort to defeat Jones in the March 15th GOP Primary in North Carolina.

And ConservativeBase.com has learned that consultants on the payroll of the National Republican Congressional Committee are working against Jones in a clear conflict of interest. Jones has long fought the internationalist and globalist ambitions of the moneyed-elite who have continued to try to use hardworking American taxpayers’ dollars for their own benefit.

Jones’ strong stance against political correctness has also angered the social elite and RINOs in Washington, DC. Grassroots conservatives across America are urged to contribute, show their support, and say NO once again to Big Government at www.walterjonescommittee.com.

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