Spygate Will Play-Out, Obama, Holder and Lynch Were Kept In ‘The Loop’

When we (try) to gather intel as to how “[Spygate] came into existence and if Obama knew everything about ‘Operation Crossfire Hurricane’ but more importantly….those that conspired to create an elaborate (unarmed) ‘Coup’ against President Trump……it is VERY important to consider two important dates.
On July 31, 2016, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, ran by Director James Comey, opened an investigation into the Trump campaign titled “Crossfire Hurricane”, named after the Rolling Stones documentary of the same name. It focused on the actions of four members of the Trump campaign:

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn

Paul Manafort

Carter Page

George Papadopoulos


Crossfire Hurricane] was introduced officially by FBI Director James Comey and three weeks earlier, on the night of July 10th 2016, computer analyst / DNC Staffer Seth Rich, who was probing election fraud and corruption was “assassinated” despite the  evidence that the 27-year-old Democrat was the victim of a political execution.

According to an interview between Sean Hannity and Julian Assange, it was NOT Russia that hacked into the DNC Server that helped bring down Hillary Clinton, but was a person that handed-off a thumb drive to a Wikileaks representative in Washington D.C., but no name mentioned by Assange, but soon thereafter offered a reward for $20,000 to find the murderers.

“An August 2016 offer from Wikileaks still stands unclaimed, but is gaining renewed interest after a report by a private investigator claims a murdered Democratic National Committee staffer was the source for Democrat emails last year.”

Just prior to the release of [Crossfire Hurricane], a high level meeting between White House officials in the ‘Situation Room’ took place within 24 hours after Trump received the Republican nomination for president.

That is when (IMO) plan #A and #B were discussed, if Hillary Clinton lost the election and how to bring Trump into a Russian scandal by going after 4 members of Trump’s campaign.

It needs to be pointed-out once again how very BAD the DNC emails were, but not much being reported as they pertain to Podesta and Clinton’s pedophilia / child trafficking operations. Many of those same emails were found on Weiner’s laptop reference his contact with a minor investigation by the NYPD, of whom were going to prosecute further, reference the disgusting evidence found, but the FBI stopped that investigation…..as the FBI (basically) did for exonerating Hillary Clinton and her 30,000 emails destroyed.

NACOP Chiefs of Police - James Kouri

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