The Supreme Court has Ruled against the American People for a second time and in Defense of the Democratic Federal Government persons. “As established by the states” is not ambiguous and many American citizens have been put to death for more ambiguous language.

The Supreme Court as remodeled by Pres. Obama is ILLIGITAMENT and will be a problem for conservative Americans for years to come. Justice Roberts should be on the Administrations payroll.

This law is being ignored by over 288 million Americans & has only been accepted by 12 million people now enrolled. That represents 4% of the population in 5 years. This shows the American people have soundly rejected the ACA. Add to that the the way in which it was illegally passed with close to a million people standing outside urging the Congress to come back from the brink and it paints a scaving indictment of the Federal Government forcing citizens into what it “seems best” for us.

Justice Scalia wrote the most critical dissent in recent years among other comments that Obama Care after being saved twice by the court, the ACA should now be called SCOTUS CARE!

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