Jeb Bush a Loose Cannon!

JEB BUSH A LOOSE CANNON! Gov. Bush is very confident he’ll be the Republican nominee for the 2016 race. He is very bold in declaring his positions that are not supported by the right wing of the GOP & Libertarians. It is as if he is trying to make US irrelevant to the Party with his stance on Immigration & common core. He must be opposed by us because he has stated numerous times that he will not switch his position on either subject & he is going to do what he wants when elected. His style of leadership may be satisfactory to the champions of the US. The elite, the rich that think they run this country. But what is happening to them as they turn around & the masses are not behind them. They & Gov Bush are doubling down.
In recent days he has shown his arrogance  by trying to draw an incorrect position trying to paint Sen Rubio as a flip flopper. Sen Rubio was a Tea Party favorite until he supported the Senates very bad Bill on Comprehensive Immigration Reform. He stated on the record that he had learned his lesson. The public had heard the story before that the Federal govt. would give amnesty to the illegals in this country in exchange for securing the Border later, a thing that hasn’t happened in the past. So Sen Rubio has heard his constituents & changed his position in an effort to be a representative of the people. This is something the Jeb Bush doesn’t agree with. Gov Bush is feeling so good that this week  he trashed the Pope for saying Global Warming was a man made phenomenon. Gov Bush called that Politics.  And that the Pope should not engage in matters not of the Human spirit. (paraphrasing) What is more fundamental to the Christian Faith then to be good Stewards of the World God gave us to tend. Jeb Bush is engaging in emphasizing what is wrong with people instead of what opportunities & duties We have as stewards of the greatest Country on the earth. Another Rino Ron Fourier has attacked the right wing in Congress as not wanting to Govern & nothing could be further from the truth. If Jeb Bush is successful that is how he will govern. He will mock the right for opposing his positions which after all must be right in his mind because he’s the man. This is a polar opposite to how his brother ran for President by embracing the Right. Jeb is not his brother & I for one am not impressed with him. If you agree with me email Gov Bush, & the media & tell them we don’t want him. We don’t need him. Jeb GO HOME. If you think I’m a loose cannon that’s ok because I’m not running for President.TY. Russ  

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