Now Batting For The White House: Van Hipp

President Trump’s winning percentage on National Security Advisor appointments has been less than sterling. Oh, the batters were all great players, but either bad luck or poor sportsmanship robbed the President of the talent needed.

The MVP – the Babe Ruth – retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was beaned by a bush league hurler on the first pitch of the Administration. Rather than suspend the head-hunter, the Dark League front office permanently side-lined Flynn.

Another masher, H.R. McMaster followed Flynn in the lineup, but tended to grip the bat too hard and was not well liked in the club house.

And then there was John Bolton. Bolton, too, is a heavy hitter known for being aggressive at the plate, but, like McMaster, he didn’t play well with others. He routinely ignored the Manager’s signs and refused to bunt, preferring to swing for the fences on every pitch.

The great manager Leo Durocher once said, “Baseball is like church. Many attend, few understand.” So, it is in the complicated, high tension and rapidly changing environment of national security and geopolitics.

A White House National Security Advisor cannot be a one or two talent player. (S)he must not only know the game, but also the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition as well as her/his teammates.

The Hall of Fame NSA’s of recent memory were just that: McGeorge Bundy, Henry Kissinger, Brent Scowcroft and Condoleezza Rice were all multi-talented competitors on offense and defense.

It is that level of talent President Trump needs today, particularly with the opposition on the schedule.

Leo Durocher had the luxury of managing the greatest multi-talented player that ever laced up spikes; Willie Mays. Expert in the “5 tools,” (hitting, hitting with power, speed, catching and throwing) the “Say Hey Kid was as unselfish as he was talented. He played the game hard, but clean and he never showed up any other player, be he teammate or foe.

Donald Trump needs a Willie Mays. And there is one in the minors that should be called up.


Loyal and learned American, Van Hipp, would be Trump’s key to a successful presidency.

Hipp, Chairman of American Defense International, Inc. a Washington, DC based consulting firm specializing in government affairs, business development and public relations and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army and Principal Deputy General Counsel of the Navy. His book, “The New Terrorism: How to Fight It and Defeat It,” was published in February 2015. One hundred percent of all proceeds go to scholarships for the children of fallen Guardsmen and Guardsmen wounded in action in the War on Terror.

A fixture on Fox News as well as online and print publications, Hipp is a recognized expert on a variety of critical geopolitical topics. He is also particularly well respected in the military and intelligence communities.

Hipp is one of those rare “5 tool” players the President – the country – needs in the heated competition of national and foreign policy.

  1. He is well schooled in the issues of the day. He also knows the opposition as well as he does his own teammates.
  2. Respected in D.C. as well as our foreign partners, Hipp’s reputation is as sterling as is his intellect.
  3. Hipp will not be the clubhouse problem that has plagued too many White House advisors. A calm demeanor accompanied the charm of the southern gentleman that he is will unite the National Security Council and bring respect throughout that community.
  4. Rare in D.C. is the man or woman without ego, but Hipp is as close to being that as can be found. He subscribes to the Ralph Waldo Emerson’s great wisdom, “There is no limit to what can be accomplished if it doesn’t matter who gets the credit.”
  5. President Trump has been mocked by the Left for demanding loyalty from his Cabinet. It’s an asinine complaint as loyalty is paramount to any leader. “Buying in” to a leader’s vision is necessary to success no matter if it’s politics, business or sports. Van Hipp is as solid a loyalist that can be found (see also #4 above). But it must be emphasized that his loyalty is to the mission and to him, the mission is the safety and security of the United States, politically, militarily and economically. Were the President to offer the position to him, Hipp would reject it in an instant if he did not believe that was also the President’s vision and mission. And should he assume the title, no one – NO ONE – will be as loyal to country and President – in that order.

There are many people available to President Trump for consideration to succeed John Bolton as National Security Advisor. It is necessary for him and the United States that he chose a person who will augment the team and be, himself or herself a star as well.

Mr. President, there is a Willie Mays available. Put him in, Coach!



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