New Poll: What Americans Really Think About Roe v. Wade by Denise Mackura

Photograph: The way Democrats behave whenever the subject of abortion comes up, you would suspect that is their main goal: the wholesale killing of unborn babies.

The Human Family Research Center, a nonprofit human rights organization, today released a national poll regarding the views of Americans on whether or not Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion, should be reconsidered. The poll found that Americans are much more evenly divided on the issue than recent surveys, such as those conducted by PEW and Gallup, indicated.

Those polls claim an almost 70% support rate among the public for Roe. The HFRC poll found that, when participants were made aware that an overruling would not lead to outlawing abortion outright, but would instead return the issue to the states,  fewer than half of poll participants supported Roe, while the number of those demanding change increased substantially. Unlike prior polls, the HFRC poll explained what Roe actually said before asking questions of participants, all registered voters. The result does make sense since other polls also show that a majority of Americans oppose many of the abortions Roe allows.

“Roe is a highly unusual decision because it has caused a massive amount of confusion in the 44 years since it was decided in 1973. It has taken no less than 36 cases for the Supreme Court to explain Roe,” according to Denise Mackura, president of the Human Family Research Center.

Contrary to what was claimed by Senator Feinstein at the Gorsuch nomination hearings, Roe has only been upheld in 3 of those cases. Last year alone, state legislators proposed 50 bills attempting to interpret the requirements of this troubling decision, “The American people know that Roe has poisoned our public discourse and politics. It is time to return the issue of abortion to the democratic process, said Mackura.” The poll was conducted by the Polling Co. Inc. Womantrend.

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