Live missile capable of bringing down President’s ‘Air Force One’ discovered at airport

An air-to-air guided missile, similar to the model discovered during a police raid in Italy in 2019, was discovered hidden in an airplane hangar on the grounds of a Florida airport, according to a homeland security incident report obtained by the National Association of Chiefs of Police last week.

According to agents from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), an airplane hangar at Lakeland-Linder Airport was filled with powerful explosives that appeared to be erroneously or intentionally ignored by the Floridian airfield staff.

A number of law enforcement and military bomb technicians claim this dangerous situation comes during a time when President Donald Trump and his campaign are frequently flying over Florida and other states on Air Force One or the presidential helicopter Marine One.

While federal, state and local law enforcement officers conduct their investigation, their commanding officers are careful not to create undue fear among the American people, said former NYPD Det. Paul Perone, an explosives removal expert and police academy instructor.

The police commanders confirmed that the live air-to-air, radar-guided missile at the Lakeland Linder Airport in Florida, East of Tampa, made it necessary for the airport staff and contractors to evacuate the facility while airport police and others conducted searches of other buildings and plane hangars.

The Mysterious Missile

“As of Friday, the investigation of the incident has met with negative results,” said Det. Perone. “What I fear is such a weapon falling into the hands of some of these radical moonbats whose agenda appears to be the removal of President Trump by any means necessary and install a radical-socialist regime led by the Democrats,” Det. Perone warned.

“We have analyzed the markings of the missile storage container and discovered this missile is a Matra R530F missile, which uses radar guidance and could be used to bring down Air Force One or a similar-sized airplane,” stated Homeland Security Department officials..

This is highly relevant to current events, given that a U.S. Air Force helicopter used to help provide security to President Trump during short flights, was fired on creating an emergency landing scenario to be initiated, after which one occupant required hospitalization, according to media reports.

“Sadly, this incident received minimal media coverage in order to deny Trump any sympathy during the election cycle,” complained Lt. January Carlisle, a police unit commander. “I’ve been saying for months and months that Black Lives Matter (BLM), Antifa (Anti-Fascist) groups and other such groups should be investigated. Many of these protests and violent incidents are funded by deranged radicals such as multibillionaire George Soros.”

Police counterterrorism officers say they believe that communist China is smuggling weapons and components into the United States in order to arm Black Lives Matter terrorist groups with automatic weapons upgrades and illegal suppressors (silencers).

An Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team from MacDill Air Force Base came to help safely remove the Florida airport missile on Friday.

Jim Kouri National Assn. of Chief of Police

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  • August 30, 2020 at 11:35 pm

    Who was renting the hangar space? Run down the chain, find the source…

  • August 31, 2020 at 12:17 am

    This is unbelievable what the sam hill is going on. What if someone had planned to use that missle to kill our president. You the military are supposed to protect him. So get to doing it. I dont trust these idiots that are talking killing him and others . Hearing a democrat just say we need to kill him. I forgot her name . My husband and my sad and brother and three nephews served and they would be sGod have mercy.


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