Lawmakers pass bill to force Obama to protect Mid-East Christians from murderous jihadists

The members of U.S. House of Representatives — both Democrats and Republicans — stood together on Monday and passed a resolution that admits the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is committing genocide against Christians, Jews and and other religious minorities. Passage of this resolution is putting the ball on the Obama administration’s court to do likewise.  

Group of Ethiopian Christians being marched out for execution by ISIS.
Group of Ethiopian Christians being marched out for execution by ISIS.

ISIS and other radical Islamist organizations continue to spread their death and violence across the Middle East, Africa and other parts of the globe and they’ve singled out Jews and Christians for extermination, yet President Barack Obama, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and many other leftist leaders continue to ignore what amounts to genocide by Muslim jihadists. Or they pretend the incidents of Muslim-on-Christian or Muslim-on-Jew brutality — especially the use of beheadings and other methods of execution — are sporadic and not a regular pattern. 

Since the beginning of his administration in 2009, President Barack Obama has refused to call Islamic radicals who bomb, murder and pillage Muslim terrorists or anything even remotely similar. However, he is always prepared to denigrate Christians who oppose abortion or same-sex marriage and he delights in scolding Christians for events that allegedly took place hundreds of years ago.  

“While it’s considered politically incorrect to accuse Barack Obama of being a closet Muslim, the fact is he did attend a madrassa during his impressionable, formative years which child psychologists believe is important. His practice of Christianity consists of belonging to a church run by a vitriolic America-hater for 20-years and then fibbing about not ever hearing anything suspicious during services,” said former police counterterrorism unit member Manny Rodriquez. “The President’s entire paternal ancestry is steeped in Sunni Islam, as well,” he added.

But on Monday, the U.S. House did something rarely seen in today’s polarized Congress: they passed a resolution with a vote of 383-0 that declares ISIS as committing “genocide against Christians and other religious minorities.”

Even in President Barack Obama’s ancestral home, Kenya, Muslims are murdering Christians. In fact, members of the Obama family including his Grandmother, Sara, are devout followers of Islam.

According to counterterrorism sources, this one unanimous act forces the Obama White House once and for all spell out their position with national security in mind instead of political correctness which many believe has “the American people by their throats.”  The House’s deadline for action by the Obama administration is March 17, which happens to be the day celebrating Saint Patrick who is credited with driving out an army of deadly snakes from Ireland, according to the Catholic Church..

“When ISIS systematically targets Christians, Yezidis, and other ethnic and religious minorities for extermination, this is not only a grave injustice—it is a threat to civilization itself,” Rep. Jeff Fortenberry, R-Nebraska, said in a statement. “We must call the violence by its proper name: genocide.”

As House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, said in a statement, “What is happening in Iraq and Syria is a deliberate, systematic targeting of religious and ethnic minorities. Today, the House unanimously voted to call ISIS’s atrocities what they are: a genocide. We also will continue to offer our prayers for the persecuted.”

The Christian Family Research Council also applauded this anti-terrorism decision:

“President Obama keeps talking about ‘rising above ideology and partisanship.’ Maybe it’s time he took his own advice. More than 200 Democrats and Republicans cosponsored this House resolution addressing an issue it shouldn’t have to: the genocide in the Middle East,” according to a statement released by the Family Research Council’s leader Tony Perkins.

“If the Obama administration were as ‘appalled,’ ‘horrified,’ and ‘concerned’ about the annihilation of Christians as the White House says it is, Congressman Jeff Fortenberry wouldn’t have had to take the unusual step of addressing the crisis before the president does so,” the statement noted..

“A genocide designation will raise international consciousness and compel the international community of responsible nations to act, setting the preconditions for the reintegration of ancient ethnic groups and faith traditions into their ancestral homelands,” said Rep. Fortenberry.

“It will be fascinating to see if Obama mentions this in his weekly address. Congress rarely agrees on any topic, but it’s clear they are united against Islamic terrorism and they aren’t happy at Obama’s weakness on foreign policy,” said FRC’s Perkins in his statement.

“America has lost its chance to take the lead against ISIS.  But regardless of the timing, our national security, vital interests, and essential values demand that we act.  While the word ‘genocide’ alone won’t stop the suffering, it will certainly go a long way to sparking a series of mostly non-military actions that can bring help and hope to our Christian brothers and sisters who are suffering for nothing more than being identified as followers of Jesus Christ,” he said.


Jim Kouri, CPP, is founder and CEO of Kouri Associates, a homeland security, public safety and political consulting firm. He's formerly Fifth Vice-President, now a Board Member of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, a columnist, and a contributor to the nationally syndicated talk-radio program, the Chuck Wilder Show.. He's former chief of police at a New York City housing project in Washington Heights nicknamed "Crack City" by reporters covering the drug war in the 1980s. In addition, he served as director of public safety at St. Peter's University and director of security for several major organizations. He's also served on the National Drug Task Force and trained police and security officers throughout the country.

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