Islamists teach children to hate, kill politically correct Jews, Americans

According to a number of international research studies: while the radical Muslims in the Middle East and elsewhere are educating their children in radical Islamic doctrine and training them to become deadly warriors, American and European children are having political-correctness poured — sometimes pounded — into their conscious and subconscious minds.

Also, while American leaders are battling the conservatives over “transgender” men using women’s restrooms and schools are advocating a politically-correct indoctrination of youngsters during their so-called formative years, Islamist children are being taught how to hunt down homosexuals and methods available to execute them.

“Whether the actions of America’s ruling class are intentional or unintentional they are turning the nation’s children into automatons who can be counted on to spout even the most nonsensical ideology in the name of equality, human rights, neo-constitutional dogma and other aspects of U.S. deconstruction,” said Neil Coress, a former police intelligence unit analyst and specialist in Islamic terrorism. “The goal is simple to achieve: import more and more immigrants from nations where socialism is deeply entrenched and hatred for ‘white American colonialists’ is a common emotion. At the same time the government schools are busy at work molding a future generation of white, guilt-ridden Americans who believe their country is evil and unjust,” Coress added.

child suicide bomberProbably the most successful child-training program in the Islamic world is the Annual Palestine Festival for Childhood and Education held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip, according to the Israeli Meir Amit Information and Intelligence Center.

The children sought for this training are kindergarten/early elementary school children. In one of the events children, accompanied by teachers, act out plays before a large audience. In one of them a veiled girl simulated a stabbing attack and children wearing uniforms simulated killing IDF soldiers and releasing Palestinian prisoners, i.e., Palestinian terrorists sentenced to jail terms in Israel.

The plays exemplify, once again, the nature of the “education,” both formal and informal, kindergarten and early elementary school children receive in the Gaza Strip. The educational system in the Gaza Strip is, for the most part, directed and controlled by Hamas, which regards children and youngsters in general as particularly important target audiences. Hamas and the other terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip seek to indoctrinate children with hatred for the Little Satan, Israel, Big Satan, the United States and violence against the infidels.

The events of the festival were sponsored by two bodies: the Bank of Palestine, one of the largest Palestinian banks, whose directorate is located in Ramallah, and the British-based Interpal Fund, which was outlawed by Israel and the United States more than a decade ago. However, it continues operating in Britain and has a branch in the Gaza Strip.

On April 3, 2016, a ceremony was held at the University College of Applied Sciences in Gaza to announce the beginning of the Annual Palestine Festival for Childhood and Education. The opening ceremony was attended by college’s rector, Dr. Refaat Rustom, members of the faculty, Ahmed Hawajri, director of guidance and special education in the department of education in the Gaza Strip, Imad al-Ghalayini, representing the Bank of Palestine,Mahmoud Lubbad, Interpal representative in Gaza, and representatives of children’s organizations throughout the Gaza Strip. The festival began on April 3 and ran until April 7, 2016, and organized various activities for children throughout the Gaza Strip.

The high point of the festival during Palestinian Children’s Day on April 5. One of the events was held in Khan Yunis, and was attended by many children and their teachers. Children came on stage in groups and put on shows they had prepared for the audience. There were dances and songs as well as displays with themes of hatred and violence against Israel, evidence of the indoctrination received by the younger Palestinian generation. The displays were accompanied by songs with themes of hatred and violence.

Interpal (the Palestinian Relief and Development Fund) is a British fund established in 1994 following the Oslo Accords. It formerly belonged to the Union of Good (an umbrella network for Islamic charities and charitable societies affiliated with Hamas which raises money for the organization). In the past the fund played a central role in transferring funds to Hamas’ civilian infrastructure (da’wah) in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip, and raised funds for Hamas’ activities, according to Meir Amit officials.

Interpal was therefore outlawed in Israel in 1997 and designated as a terrorist organization in 1998. Furthermore, in the United States it was designated by Executive Order 13224 (August 2003) as an entity that “commits, or threatens to commit or supports terrorism” (US Department of the Treasury, August 22, 2003).On November 12, 2008, the Union of Good, the umbrella network with which Interpal belongs, was designated by the United States as a terrorist organization funding Hamas in July 2008.


In Britain Interpal’s activities are legal. Its main offices are in London and it has branch offices in Birmingham, Manchester, Bradford and Leicester. It also has a branch in the Gaza Strip. Its chairman, Ibrahim Brian Hewitt, a convert to Islam, is involved in the activities of various Islamic organizations in Britain (, October 29, 2015). UNRWA officially recognizes Interpal as a vital partner in funding its activities in the Gaza Strip. Since it was designated a terrorist entity in 2008, Interpal cannot use regular banking facilities, which, according to the British media, raises problems for the fund. In 2013, 38 MPs signed formal motion calling on the British government to press the American administration to rescind its “damaging designation of Interpal.” The motion was unsuccessful.

The Interpal office in the Gaza Strip opened in November 2009 to liaise between the organization in Britain and the institutions in the Gaza Strip needing donations. In ITIC assessment, in practice, the office in the Gaza Strip is also a liaison office for Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip. Interpal in the Gaza Strip is headed by Mahmoud Lubbad, an engineer with an MBA from the Islamic University in Gaza City (Facebook page of Interpal in the Gaza Strip, May 25, 2014). Between 2009 and 2011 Interpal in Britain was particularly active in the project of dispatching aid convoys called “Miles of Smiles” to the Gaza Strip. The convoys allegedly brought humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, but possibly also funds for Hamas.

Apparently, during the past few years Interpal has reduced the scope of its relations with Hamas as a result of an investigation being carried out by the British Charity Commission. A BBC Panorama program aired in July 2006 called “Faith, hate and charity” made Interpal more cautious.It exposed Interpal as a political tool which supported Hamas’ civilian infrastructure (da’wah), and showed how funds from Interpal were transmitted to “charitable societies” run by Hamas. The societies’ activities included indoctrinating the younger generation with Hamas’ brand of radical Islamic ideology and fostering the principles of jihad and the shaheed cult. One of the vehicles for indoctrination was the Hamas-affiliated educational system. The program was accompanied by pictures of activities held by the charitable societies which included anti-Israel incitement and preaching terrorism.

Having completed its investigation, the Charity Commission ordered Interpal to cut off all relations with the Union of Good. Assam Yusuf, the dominant figure in Interpal, publicly stated that in March 2009 he had cut off all relations with the Union of Good (, May 31, 2009). The ITIC has no verification for the statement. Another difficulty facing Interpal in recent years has been the vigorous activity of the Palestinian Authority (PA) to counter Hamas’ charitable societies in Judea and Samaria, leading Interpal to focus its activities in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli media recently reported that a formal investigation carried out into radical Islamic activity in British jails revealed that Muslim prisoners in at least four jails were encouraged by Muslim chaplains to participate in collecting contributions for terrorist organizations, including Hamas and “another organization connected with Interpal…Just last year the UK government named Interpal as being involved in a secretive network of Islamist groups that provide support for the Muslim Brotherhood and its Gazan offshoot Hamas from within the UK.”  However, the British government has not outlawed Interpal.


Jim Kouri, CPP, is founder and CEO of Kouri Associates, a homeland security, public safety and political consulting firm. He's formerly Fifth Vice-President, now a Board Member of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, a columnist, and a contributor to the nationally syndicated talk-radio program, the Chuck Wilder Show.. He's former chief of police at a New York City housing project in Washington Heights nicknamed "Crack City" by reporters covering the drug war in the 1980s. In addition, he served as director of public safety at St. Peter's University and director of security for several major organizations. He's also served on the National Drug Task Force and trained police and security officers throughout the country.

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