Houston We Have a Problem!! by Rod Eccles

More than a few investigators have discovered Democrats registering the deceased to vote. But their friends in the news media make sure to not cover those stories.
More than a few investigators have discovered Democrats registering the deceased to vote. But their friends in the news media make sure to not cover those stories.

Houston!  We have a problem. Well, actually it’s not just Houston.  It’s Atlanta, New York, Philly, Detroit, LA, Portland, Miami, and every single city, town, village, and hamlet in the USA.

You ask what is the problem?  Well, there is an all-out assault on your liberty and Constitution.  Frankly, it doesn’t matter if you are a Liberal or a Conservative or a Moderate because you need to understand that everything that you want and everything that you think that you want is in danger.  This is a huge problem for all of us.

Of course so many folks, especially the millennial generation, believe that taxing and government spending is the way to go and it is the only way to ensure prosperity for all. The sad little secret is that even though people like Bernie Sanders promise so much but simply voting for them does not work.  It has NEVER worked.


Let me ask you a simple question.  If the Democrats have been in charge of the White House for the past 7 years, why is it Clinton and Sanders are campaigning on a platform of “fixing” all that is wrong with the United States?

Have you noticed that every single time Democrats run for any office, they always claim that they are the only people who can fix the problems that our nation faces?  Well, why is it that since we have elected them over and over again, that they have not yet fixed the problems that they claim we still have?

I know, I ask logical questions but let me give you a logical answer.  Actually, it’s a two-part answer.  The first part is that they don’t really want to fix any of our problems.  If they did, then you would no longer need to vote for them since they usually don’t have ideas and plans for when things are going gangbusters.

The second part is, the Liberals, have created many of the problems we face today.  They created those problems by growing government and increasing laws, regulations, and rules that we all now have to follow. OK, let me ask you another question.  If all these laws, regulations, and rules are so good for the country as a whole, why do they often exempt themselves from the rules they make all of us follow?

If you don’t think they do that just take a look at Obamacare.  When the law was first being talked about and debated, Congress initially exempted themselves and their staff from the law but those same people in Congress were telling us that this was an awesome law. Even the President made a big deal about using the Health Exchanges to get his insurance.  The reality is that he did not need to use those exchanges and indeed we later found out that he really didn’t use any exchange.

These laws often run afoul of the Constitution itself.  In fact, what we are seeing lately, is that judges in various courts across the land, including the Supreme Court itself, often rewrite a law or a portion of the law to make it “Constitutional”.

The problem is that we the people, always end up on the losing end of such things.  Our nation has so many laws that it rivals that of the former USSR and the current People Republic of China.

So when it comes down to it, when you hear anyone claim they can fix any of our nation’s problems, ask them if they will fix the problem with more laws, regulations, rules, and bigger government or will they fix the problem by shrinking government and getting out of our daily lives. It’s a fair question that deserves a real answer.


Rod Eccles is the Host of The Nationally Syndicated Radio Show The Rod Eccles Show. He is The Coolest Most Politically Incorrect Conservative Black Man on the Planet and he is being dubbed the new Black Rush Limbaugh of our time. He is considered to be one of the leading voices in the Conservative Movement. This year he published his first book titled The Conservative ECCLESiastes: Logic and Wisdom from the Coolest, Most Politically Incorrect, Conservative Black Man on the Planet. Rod Eccles has been added to the list of Top Talk Conservative Radio Show Hosts. Rod also travels around the country making Key Note Speeches to Tea Party and Republican Organizations to inspire and educate the people of the greatness of America. For more information please visit his website at rodeccles.net

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