Fox’s Megyn Kelly rewarded for attacking Trump with $10mil book deal?

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly signed a book deal with HarperCollins, the publisher has announced now that the Fox News anchor has attained national notoriety thanks to her ongoing feud with GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Many believe Megyn Kelly intentionally crossed swords with Donald Trump for the purpose of sweetening a multi-million dollar book deal.
Many believe Megyn Kelly intentionally crossed swords with Donald Trump for the purpose of sweetening a multi-million dollar book deal.

“Megyn Kelly is among the most interesting and influential people in America today and we are thrilled to be publishing her first book,” said Lisa Sharkey, a vice president at HarperCollins, said in a statement.  “This book is coming out at the perfect time and is bound to be one of the most read and talked about books of the fall.”


HarperCollins Publishers, a subsidiary of News Corp — which also owns Fox News, the Wall Street Journal and the conservative-magazine The Weekly Standard — announced it has acquired world rights to a book from Kelly. It will be published by the Harper imprint this fall, just before the November 2016 presidential election. The book was acquired by Lisa Sharkey will be edited by Matt Harper, executive editor.
Megyn Kelly currently serves as anchor of FOX News Channel’s The Kelly File. Throughout her tenure with FNC, Kelly has covered breaking news and reported on location.

Before joining FNC, Kelly served as a general assignment reported for WJLA-TV (ABC 7) in Washington, D.C., where she covered national and local stories of interest. Prior to her career in television news, Kelly practiced law for nine years, seven years as a corporate litigator at Jones Day and was an associate for two years in the Chicago office of the law firm Bickel & Brewer LLP.


Kelly has gained a national spotlight due to her questionable debate performance when she arguably attacked Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, which started when she accused him of frequently making negative comments about women during his appearance at the first Republican presidential debate last year.

Trump has since called Ms. Kelly a “lightweight” journalist and raised eyebrows after the debate by saying Kelly had “blood coming out of her wherever,” according to The Hill.

Trump boycotted the last Fox News debate after publicly questioning Kelly’s ability to be unbiased and fair. Still, he insisted his boycott had more to do about Fox’s treatment of him than about Kelly’s role as debate moderator.

MSNBC’s only Republican host, former Congressman Joe Scarborough, appears to agree with Trump’s boycott. Scarborough said that he would rather “set himself on fire” than have Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly’s biased questioning.

Scarborough slammed Kelly, accusing her of being a biased journalist the morning after Donald Trump announced he’d skip last Thursday’s GOP presidential debate out of protest to Kelly’s inclusion as a moderator.

During his “Morning Joe” program, Scarborough played a series of news clips showing Kelly criticizing Trump’s decision to skip the debate hosted by Fox.

“That is just good, unbiased journalism. And if I were a candidate, I certainly would want that person asking me questions in a fair and balanced way,” Scarborough said with obvious sarcasm.  “As I’ve said before, I would rather set myself on fire in front of the Fox News studio than go on the debate stage with that.”

Kelly did herself no service when she invited pseudo-filmmaker Michael Moore, an icon of the far-left, to be a guest on her show. During his segment, Moore then proceeded to lambaste Trump and feigned comforting Kelly, who has enjoyed popularity among conservatives and moderates.

“Kelly may be hurting herself in the long run by lurching to the left on a news network that became successful thanks to conservatives and Republicans,” said political strategist Michael Baker. “I guess the $10-million smackers she’s getting for her book is worth losing viewers and their trust,” he added.


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