FISA Judge’s Report: Rep. Devin Nunes and Others Claim FBI, DOJ Framed Gen. Flynn

(Left-to-right) The Trump Haters Reps. Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Elijah Cummings and Jerrold Nadler. These and other Democrats will destroy the USA if given a chance.

When FISA court Judge Rosemary Collyer sent a four-page letter/report regarding alleged FBI abuse Thursday to House of Representatives U.S. Rep. Devin Nunes and other members, she only addressed the misconduct and abuses committed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Justice Department in obtaining search warrants to conduct spy operations within the 2016 Trump Presidential Campaign.

A primary focus of the Nunes memo is the “dirty” dossier that contains lurid, unproven allegations about U.S. President Donald Trump, which some Trump supporters argue prompted the appointment of the special counsel for improper reasons, and as such, should be shut down.

One of the people to obtain the Judge’s memo was author, journalist, and filmmaker Mike Cernovich, who claims that there is mounting evidence that upper-echelon FBI agents actually framed retired Army General Michael Flynn, who serve only briefly as newly-elected President Donald Trump’s national security adviser.

FISA, which stands for the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, is the federal law that authorizes spying on American citizens in some limited, legitimate circumstances for national security reasons, provided a FISA court judge agrees to issue a special search warrant.

While the news media has chosen to overlook the facts surrounding the FBI’s mendacity in obtaining a warrant to eavesdrop on a low-level former military intelligence officer, Carter Page, who worked on the Trump campaign. “The idea was to gain access to the Trump campaign and then monitor not only Carter, but anyone else who communicated with him,” said police sergeant and former special ops soldier Timothy Sperling.
“I care about war heroes being framed for crimes,” an irate Michael Cernovich declared when speaking about Flynn and other intelligence issues.
He said the situation made him sick to his stomach and he advocated a full investigation into the highly suspicious conduct of ex-FBI director James Comey, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and other U.S. Department of Justice officials such as Attorney General Jeff Sessions his Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein (who appointed the Special Counsel Mueller) should be the subjects of true criminal investigations.
And since most the the FBI staff involved in the Trump-Flynn case were involved in the investigation of the shenanigans of Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, he is also calling for a second investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server scandal.
Cernovich  is also an avowed enemy of the  Deep State, which is defined as “a segment of the permanent federal bureaucracy, including some enclaves in the intelligence sector, allegedly seeking to undermine or discredit the Trump agenda.”
Democrats and others have insisted that the Deep State is just a mere conspiracy theory, while many Republicans or Trump supporters have countered that the Russia collusion narrative is itself a ludicrous and unfounded conspiracy theory.

Rep. Nunes provides a summary of House Democrats’ impeachment farce as House votes 


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