FBI investigation leading to Congressional action on violent jihadists by Rep. Michael McCaul

As the FBI investigation in San Bernardino unfolds, it is becoming more apparent that at least one of the terrorists broadcast violent jihadist views online, yet was still allowed into the United States.

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul announced today that his Committee plans to take additional action to close security gaps exposed by the San Bernardino terrorist attack, including tightening security of the visa process into the United States.

Chairman Michael McCaul said, “This Administration has forbid our frontline security professionals from more broadly incorporating social media information into the visa application process, something that might have kept this attacker out of our country. It is time this Administration stopped worrying about the privacy of foreigners more than the security of Americans. We need more robust vetting and screening of all visa applicants, and I plan to take additional actions soon, in coordination with other key House leaders, to strengthen the visa security process—so it meets the security challenges of the 21st Century.”

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