Farrakhan: Leader of the anti-cop racist pack by Larry Klayman

Radical Black-Muslim Minister Louis Farrakhan, the virulent anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-white cop hater, no matter what color, of the Nation of Islam, was recently named as the lead defendant in a lawsuit Dallas police Sgt. Demetrick Pennie and I filed against him and others, including Black Lives Matter, Al Sharpton, the New Black Panthers Party, George Soros, Eric Holder and last but not least Farrakhan’s fellow Black-Muslim, President Barack Hussein Obama, and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. (See www.freedomwatchusa.org.)

The purpose of the lawsuit is to put a stop to the death and destruction they have caused to law enforcement and our inner cities by our getting a federal court in Dallas to order an end to this reverse racist inspired violence, designed to cause a “race war” and pull the nation apart at the seams. In this way, defendants, have caused what is in effect a leftist/Black-Muslim revolution that, if defendant Hillary Clinton is elected president, will continue Obama’s eight-year march to turn the nation into a socialist state, replete with Shariah law as an integral part of the “law of the land.”

Like Al Sharpton, Farrakhan, whose headquarters not coincidentally is in Chicago, Illinois, Obama’s adopted city, has a carte blanche for entry into the Obama White House. Indeed, he is perhaps the most evil, racist and dangerous of all of the president’s friends. If anyone doubts his racist intentions and actions, just take a look at this sampling of his hateful rhetoric, as set forth in our amended complaint, beginning with his admiration for his Nazi “soul brother” Adolf Hitler:

Farrakhan referred to Hitler as “a very great man.”

He stated, “There is no freedom without the shedding of [the] blood [of cops].”

Farrakhan called for angry blacks to “stalk them and kill them” (Jews and Caucasians) as the “400-year old enemy.”

Farrakhan explicitly incited “10,000 fearless men” to commit imminent violence, saying, “If the federal government will not intercede in our affairs, then we must rise up and kill those who kill us, stalk them and let them feel the pain of death that we are feeling!”

“Death is sweeter than watching us slaughter each other to the joy of a 400-year-old enemy. Death is sweeter. The Quran teaches persecution is worse than slaughter; then it says, retaliation is prescribed in matters of the slain. Retaliation is a prescription from God to calm the breasts of those whose children have been slain.”

Farrakhan, Sharpton, Black Lives Matter and several of the other defendants have not just incited violence, they have actually called for the killing of white cops and notably non-white cops who oppose Farrakhan’s views and actions in furtherance of a black separatist anti-Judeo-Christian nation.

These valiant non-white cops, like my African-American client and brother in legal arms, Sgt. Demetrick Pennie, are notably even more squarely in the cross hairs of Farrakhan’s vengeance and culture of death than white cops, as they are branded and smeared as “Uncle Toms” and “House Niggers.” It is no coincidence that most of the white and non-white cops recently killed and seriously injured were at the hands of disciples of the Nation of Islam, and some were logically aligned with international Islamic terrorism as well.


It thus comes as no surprise that after I filed suit for Pennie and me, he received death threats from, among others, sympathizers if not likely members of the Nation of Islam. Here are just a few of these threats, which are coming in as we speak:

“Sgt. ‘House Nigger,’ D. Pennie, why are you suing people who are trying to stop Klansman police from murdering black men, women, and children? I don’t hear you speaking out about this. The House Nigger’s sole reason for living is to appease the ‘massa.’ Not only are you a House Nigger, but you are also a traitor! You do know what happens to traitors, don’t you? Stop this stupid lawsuit now or you will be dealt with!”

Walter Hargain: “Future headline – Sgt. Demetrick Pennie was found in a hotel room, shortly after filing a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton, with 15 self-inflicted gunshot wounds to his back.”

Keith Arrington: “Eat a d**k pig.”

“Will Slapyou”: “This NIGGA HERE!!!!!! WTF???? REALLY … No REALLY!!!!! If anyone would like to talk to Sgt. Demetrick Pennie he is in the property room at [ADDRESS] [PHONE NUMBER]. He works days.”

Brian Thornton: “Oh yeah, I can also say ‘whoever kills this cop is a national hero’ not an offense.”

See Motion for Emergency Hearing for actual threats at www.freedomwatchusa.org.

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