Actor Michael Moriarty: The New World Order plot against America

(Photograph: Michael Moriarty starred in the acclaimed Emmy-winning mini-series Holocaust along with Meryl Streep, James Woods and David Warner.)
Things are falling apart in America exactly as President Barack Obama has hoped they would. The racial nightmares in North Carolina and New York and elsewhere are exactly what Obama had always hoped for. They might even justify his plan to never leave the White House; thereby provoking the Civil War he’s doing his best to inspire.

He’s defied Congress repeatedly.

Congress does nothing about it except allow its speaker, Paul Ryan, to complain occasionally while helping President Obama suspend the 5th Amendment.

May God help what is left of The Constitution and The Bill of Rights in America.

Barack and HillaryEndless rumors about October 1st as the beginning of Martial Law and a shutdown of the Internet in America and even more fears about America being literally invaded by troops of The United Nations!

We all, those of us who are voting for Donald Trump, wonder what our Trump Camp could possibly do if Obama dared to provoke an open Second Civil War in America.

Here is one grim examination of Martial Law in America.

Here’s a Canadian POV on America’s predicament under what I believe to be the most indisputably treasonous President of the United States the entire world and all of human history has ever seen.

He didn’t get there alone.

There was plenty of help from not only the Clinton’s but George H. W. Bush and his plans for The New World Order.

America, under the thumb of such exploding tyranny, has profoundly justifiable and Constitutional Rights to resist the imposition of a Treasonous New World Order upon America and Americans.

Because both the President and the entire Bush Family – in a treasonously created, bipartisan show of support for a New World Order run by the United Nations – intend to

Impose By Force 
This Criminally Conceived, 
New World Order!

The Treason necessitated by this Megalomaniacal Dream of A New World Order, cooked up by both former President George H. W. Bush and a criminally insane fugitive from Russian justiceGeorge Soros?!

The Treasonous Plot
For a New World Order
Cannot Possibly be achieved
Without a Second American Civil War!!!!

The Bushes
The Clintons
Are prepared
A Second American Civil War!

The New World Order Plot Against America is, without any doubt, not only a horrifying reality but an utter and complete act of treason.

God willing, both Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin of Russia, both of whom abhor and oppose the concept of a New World Order Run By The United Nations, have prepared themselves and their allies for dealing with not only this treason against America but this world wide threat to Peace itself!

Certainly, SOMEWHERE amidst the CIA, the FBI and the entire American Military, there are forces assembling to immediately arrest, imprison and charge with treason this diabolically inspired Trinity of Treason: George Soros, President Barack Obama and The Entire Bush Family.

In fact, if you include the crimes and true intents of the Clinton Family?!

A Quartet of Treasonous Cabals

That is what has been running the United States ever since the one-term President, George H. W. Bush, announced that his Plan For A New World Order “will not fail!”

This treasonous plot for a criminal insurrection has been in the works for over 25 years!

Will America elect a criminally suspicious Hillary Clinton?

Or are the People of The United States willing to fight for “The Last and Greatest Hope of Mankind”?!

The United States of America!

The greatest enemy of America right now?

Who Are Committed 
The New World Order

If you value your individual freedom?

Prepare yourselves for A Second American Civil War.

The American Traitors
Supporting The New World Order
Have Already Passed
The Point of No Return!

If Hillary Doesn’t Win?!

Obama Will Declare Martial Law!!!

He Has No Other Choice!!!!!

If He Doesn’t?!

And George Soros
Will Eventually Be Arrested 
For Treason! ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. As one of Hollywood’s tallest actors standing at 6′ 4″, he will always be noticed.

Michael Moriarty

Michael Moriarty is an Emmy Award and Golden Globe winner who starred in the landmark TV series Law & Order. He is also a jazz pianist and classical composer and a conservative columnist.

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