Equipping the Church to Reach the Muslim World with the Gospel

Millions of Muslim refugees are coming to America, Canada, Europe, and elsewhere around the globe! Many are having dreams and visions about Jesus and have already left Islam in their hearts. How do Christians get equipped to share the great hope of salvation with them?
Many Missionaries are heading into the mission-field unprepared for Muslim ministry and returning discouraged due to unfruitfulness. Many Christian Universities, Colleges, Missionary schools, ministries, and churches are not adequately preparing missionaries to share the Gospel with Muslims. Reaching Muslims is one of the toughest challenges facing the church today. What is the solution?

Engaging Islam Institute: A two week-long, in-depth course to prepare believers for work with Muslims here and around the world. Perfect for missionaries, local workers, or anyone who wants to learn how to effectively engage Muslims with the gospel.

Horizons International has been training Missionaries for decades to reach the Muslim world. Horizons has a proven, fruitful ministry among Muslims globally, with conversions numbering in the thousands. The opportunity to train under world-renowned Muslim ministry experts is NOW!

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