“Bonehead Advice To Trump Could Have Severe Repercussions For General Election”

Donald Trump’s decision to endorse “open borders” U.S. Representative Renee Ellmers in her GOP Primary election fight has sent shock waves to Trump supporters in North Carolina that now threaten to have an impact far beyond the Tar Heel state.

Laura Ingraham, who has been one of the best media pundits on the need to secure America’s borders, has drawn the ire of open borders advocate Ellmers.  Ellmers went so far as to lash out at Ingraham and called the conservative talk radio host “small minded” and “ignorant.”  Ellmers, who endorsed John Kasich in the GOP Presidential Primary, has also angered the pro-life community by sabotaging an abortion ban vote in Congress.

Donald Trump met with French actress Lydie Denier, the ex-fiance of Benghazi victim Amb. Chris Stevens earlier in the week.
Donald Trump met with French actress Lydie Denier, the ex-fiance of Benghazi victim Amb. Chris Stevens earlier in the week.

Thus, it should not come as a surprise to conservatives that Ellmers has raised money from liberal groups and has received a big donation from Mark Zuckerberg.  What is a surprise is that Donald Trump would endorse her and even did a robo-call on her behalf.

Stunned Trump supporters believe that Trump is not aware of Ellmers’ open borders position and that he has been ill-served and gotten “bonehead” advice.  The real question is:  “Who gave Trump this advice and why are they still on the payroll?”  Fortunately, the general election is several months away, but Trump can’t afford to have this shoddy kind of staff work when he goes against Hillary.  Conservatives are  urged to call Mr. Trump’s office at (212) 715-7202 and ask:  “Why is he endorsing and doing a robo-call for an open borders, pro-choice candidate?”

One of Donald Trump’s biggest issues has been building the wall and he has been questioned HARD from the left and right about his true intentions.  With this endorsement it really puts a question mark over what Trump says versus what he actually does.

If Trump really means to build the wall then he doesn’t need to help open borders candidates get elected.  That’s simply common sense!


(For the record I’m not involved in the Elmers/Holding primary)


Nathan Tabor is an Executive Coach and Business Consultant who resides in Kernersville, NC.  He is the former Forsyth County GOP Chairman, Candidate for Congress 2004 and founder of

Nathan Tabor

Nathan Tabor is a businessman, entrepreneur, dedicated husband and father. Tabor is passionate about making everything he's involved in the best it can be by developing good ideas and applying solid business experience. He is the author of The Beast on the East River which includes original research into key United Nations policy areas, including population control, education, and the international criminal court. And it offers practical steps that concerned American citizens can take before it's too late.

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