Deep State Gestation During the Obama-Democratic Regime Created The Swamp

"Many believe that Obama's selection is an indication of his disinterest in protecting the American people since Brooks possesses a reputation as being a left-wing, anti-military journalist with connections to multi-billionaire radical activist George Soros."

Obama appointed left-wing journalist Rosa Brooks to a key position at the Pentagon.

This week, the Democratic Party’s ongoing anti-Trump House of Representatives media circus continued targeting President Donald Trump with the help of the media mob breaking every rule of professional journalism in order to remove the president by “hook or by crook.”

While a steady stream of “witnesses” testified before a Democrat-dominated panel of lawmakers, the ladies and gentlemen of the press present news stories based on anonymous sources, Democratic Party leaks, innuendo, conjecture and pre-selected quotes designed to drag the President and his supporters into the now famous Swamp.

Although there have be previous administrations that found it difficult to weed out corrupt politicians, Trump’s goal is more difficult to achieve thanks to President Obama and his cohorts in the White House, in law enforcement, within the intelligence community and in the majority of government agencies.

“I’ve been saying this for the last two-decades: Unlike most Presidents, who would appoint a few people to the upper-echelon of the executive branch, Obama and his team of corrupt, dishonest henchmen/henchwomen made certain to populate the CIA, NSA, Justice Department, FBI, Pentagon, Treasury Department and many other bureaucracies with politically-driven party hacks.

During the two-front conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan, House and Senate Democrats held hearings, brought in “witnesses” and leaked damaging information about unsubstantiated. Even some leftist Democrats warned the party bosses not to go too far in their vitriolic description of U.S. military forces. For example, Sen. Dick Durbin called Guantanamo Bay’s terrorist detention center a gulag. He called the Marine guards ‘the Gestapo’ while his fellow Democrats resorted to name calling of soldiers and cops,” said Sid Franes, a former Marine non-com and a New York cop and a security agency owner.

Franes also reminded us that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her presidential campaign while speaking to an audience of black voters that “there is little difference between U.S. police officers working in inner-city neighborhoods and ISIS [Islamic State of Iraq and Syria].”

During the Obama years, the Defense Department provided full cooperation during U.S. Senate committee investigations that examined detainee-interrogation operations, a senior official said in a statement for Internet journalists and bloggers. “We fully cooperated with that effort in responding to requests for interviews, as well as documents,” Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said.

Devoted members of the Deep State: (clockwise) Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Barack Obama and suspected perjurer Marie Yovanovitch.

Of course, the military only released documents that were favorable to Obama and his White House minions. While the Obamanites paraded generals, intelligence chiefs and police brass before the American people, the real “military brass” included Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, former Communist Party supporter John Brennan, Assistant National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes (whose brother was president at NBC News) and the great story-teller Hillary Clinton.

During that time, the Pentagon had conducted several internal investigations into detainee interrogation operations over the years, according to Whitman. “Some of the conclusions in the Senate report are duplicate conclusions to the ones that were made by these [Pentagon] investigations,” Whitman said. “But, in those internal investigations, we have not found any policies of the department that ever permitted or condoned abusive treatment of detainees.

“Our policy has been one of treating detainees humanely,” Whitman emphasized. However, Whitman said, when instances of improper treatment of detainees by military members were discovered, disciplinary action was taken against the perpetrators.

Whitman claimed that more than 400 disciplinary actions were taken against personnel found to have abused detainees, including imprisonment, bad-conduct discharges, forfeiture of pay and other punitive actions.

“The department has always taken any allegations of abuse seriously,” Whitman said. “All credible allegations of abuse have been thoroughly investigated, and when individuals have been found to be acting outside of our proscribed policies, they have been found accountable for their actions.”

Numerous internal Pentagon reviews and reports conducted over the years have examined interrogation policies and detainee procedures, Whitman said.

“We’ve had some 14 very-senior-level, comprehensive reports,” Whitman said, “which have covered not only interrogations, but also our detention operations.”

The Defense Department has worked closely with the Senate investigative committee, Whitman reiterated. More than 200 interviews, some of which were more than eight hours in duration, were facilitated between the committee’s staff and current and past Defense Department officials, he said.

“The effort to cooperate with the committee was significant,” Whitman said, noting that the Pentagon had also provided almost 200,000 pages of documents to committee staffers.


Following the scalding  Pentagon report, Obama took advantage of the situation and replaced not only top military officers but also lower-echelon bureaucrats, many of which had zero experience.

For example, Los Angeles Times leftist, political columnist Rosa Brooks was tapped by President Barack Obama to serve as a Pentagon advisor on issues of national security. Brooks acted as a close advisor to Michele Flournoy, the Undersecretary of Defense.

Many believe that Obama’s selection is an indication of his disinterest in protecting the American people since Brooks possesses a reputation as being a left-wing, anti-military journalist with connections to multi-billionaire radical activist George Soros.

Brooks also possesses a reputation for being an outspoken It is a well known fact that she has been an apologist for Islamic terrorists and has criticized the counterterrorism efforts of the United States and Israel!

Rosa Brooks used to work as an advisor for George Soros’s Open Society Institute. Soros is the anti-American billionaire who had been actively financing and supporting the attacks on President Bush and conservatives in general.

Sources: US Department of Defense, American Forces Press Service

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