Border Invasion Appears to Be a Foregone Conclusion By Those Opposed to Neighborhood Violence

After just looking at these border crossing lawbreakers, can you tell if they are upstanding candidates for citizenship or if they are members of MS-13, the Mexican Mafia or members of organized crime groups?

Fox News’ Griff Jenkins witnessed an attempt by several illegal immigrants to enter the United States, while a massive migrant caravan pushes closers to the southern border.

Fox News correspondent Griff Jenkins, while covering the impending arrival at the U.S.-Mexico border, reported it on Saturday evening:

Awaiting a border crossing attempt in McAllen, Texas, Griff Jenkins and his camera crew saw a group of men — not part of the caravan — crossing the Rio Grande in a raft.Jenkins, a one-time conservative radio talk show host said that a family was in the raft, along with an apparent smuggler, Jenkins didn’t stand-down but instead took action by verbally accusing the Latino man of violating U.S. immigration laws.

“Excuse me sir, were you trying to cross into America illegally?” Jenkins called out. At that point the the smuggler paddled to a different part of the river bank.


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