Archbishop Releases Right to Life Message for American Catholic Voters by John Snyder

“Voters can thank Denver Archbishop Samuel Aquila for affirming recently that ‘Catholics in good conscience cannot support candidates who will advance abortion,'” John M. Snyder of Telum Associates said here today.

“That means Hillary Clinton,” Snyder added. “She supports abortion, euthanasia, same-sex marriage and other travesties of the natural law. She promotes abolition of the Hyde Amendment preventing mandatory abortion funding.

“Archbishop Aquila stated, ‘Catholic voters must make themselves aware of where the parties stand on these essential issues. The right to life is the most important and fundamental right, since life is necessary for any of the other rights to matter. There are some issues that can legitimately be debated by Christians, such as which policies are the most effective in caring for the poor, but the direct killing of innocent human life must be opposed at all times by every follower of Jesus Christ. There are no legitimate exceptions to this teaching.'”

Installation services of Samuel J. Aquila, fifth Catholic Archbishop of Denver at the Cathedral Bascilica of the Immacualte Conception Wednesday afternoon. Andy Cross, The Denver Post

“Catholics appreciate Archbishop Aquila’s elucidation of Catholic teaching on not voting for politicians who support abortion,” Snyder continued. “We regret pusillanimous Catholic prelates drag their feet on this matter. They have a moral obligation to do what the Archbishop has done, to inform Catholic faithful of the truth during this crucial presidential election. It’s time for them individually as well as collectively through USCCB to get cracking.”

Snyder said Clinton has stated: “deep seated cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural biases have to be changed;” “the unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights;” and “the only people that I would ever appoint to the Supreme Court are people who believe that Roe v. Wade is settled law.”

“Clinton Supreme Court justice nominees would rule to undermine freedom of religion,” Snyder warned. “She would persecute the Catholic Church.

“In sharp contrast, Donald Trump recently wrote the Catholic Leadership Conference, ‘I am, and will remain, pro-life. I will defend your religious liberties and the right to fully and freely practice your religion, as individuals, business owners and academic institutions…I will appoint Justices to the Supreme Court…like Justice Clarence Thomas and beloved great Catholic thinker and jurist Justice Antonin Scalia.'”

Snyder said, “The choice: culture of death with Clinton or right to life with Trump.”

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