Actor Michael Moriarty: A predicament’s eternal return

In 1942 when the film Casablanca was first shown, The Villains… yes, the Nazis… ran most of French North Africa, while tyrannizing all of Europe and eventually invading Russia.

Now, here in the North America of 2016?

The Villains have taken over not only the United States government but now, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canada as well!

Where in North America have all the Heroes gone?

There actually hasn’t been any real Heroes in the American White House for over 26 years. George H. W. Bush began this over-two-decade reign of treason with his call for THE NEW WORLD ORDER: 

The most recent and indisputably strong and decent leader in Canada was Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Now, as I review the legendary film, Casablanca, for about the 25th time, and though I don’t run a café called Rick’s, I knew a café owner in New York, Joe Allen, who ran such a restaurant, minus Dooley Wilson and the backroom for gambling.

Eventually Joe Allen ran a number of such bistros in New York, London and Paris, all somewhat  like Rick’s, minus Dooley Wilson, S. Z. Sakall, Leonid Kinsky and Marcel Dalio.

For every year that passed, Joe Allen would look and sound more and more like Humphrey Bogart.

Now that an Islamic-loving, Far Left President and a similarly corrupted Prime Minister of Canada oversee all of North America, I feel more and more like a former customer of both Joe Allen’s and Rick’s restaurants.

Joe Allen, in one of his few voluble moments, described me as a “long-distance runner”.

Now, older than I ever expected to be, here in my 75th year, I’m particularly prone, after seeing another showing of Casablanca, to imagining brief but seminally important conversations with Joe Allen.

What he might have to say about the situation that all of North America now finds itself in?

I have no idea.

However, after projecting the Bogart “Rick” image which he definitely has always had, his similarities to the hero of Casablanca are many.

I can’t believe that Joe Allen, as a repeatedly successful owner and investor in numerous restaurants worldwide, would be any major fan of either President Barack Hussein Obama or Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

But perhaps, as Claude Rains’ Inspector Louis Renault might say, “That’s the romantic in me.”

Both Rick,
 his friends
 and all he might remotely admire
in a major predicament.

They are now all living in Nazi occupied territory.

North America, being run by two Islamic sycophants and National Socialist bullies, is possibly months away from a military occupation by troops of the United Nations trying to build a New World Order.

George H. W. Bush began this suicidal nightmare over twenty-five years ago with his indisputably Bush league version of the Republican Party, the one which has given us New World Order guerillas such as Paul Ryan.

Casablanca ended in a shootout.

And World War II ended in the collapse of Nazism and Fascism.

The Soviet Union began to end with Ronald Reagan.

I guess it is all about separating the men from the gun-toting, throat-slitting boys.

That wouldn’t be difficult with an even half-patriotic American President, but with Obama?!

Moriarty starred in the landmark television mini-series "Holocaust" in which he played a young Nazi SS officer.
Moriarty starred in the landmark television mini-series “Holocaust” in which he played a young Nazi SS officer.

President Obama is Benedict Arnold and Tokyo Rose combined!

Hollywood couldn’t ask for a more fertile role model for cinematic villainy; yet… he’s their darling.

Even more shockingly, the Bush league Republican Establishment won’t impeach Obama?!?!?!

They’d rather sabotage Donald Trump’s undeniable success?!?!?!

The “Predicament”?

Human envy… particularly from jealous American billionaires like George Soros who is determined to destroy America’s not-so-secret formulas: the inherent distrust of big government and her faith in individual freedom.

The Holy Bible predicts a Final Armageddon, with the villainous enemy defeated by Christ’s Return and a subsequent 1,000 years of Peace!

Though I am 75 years old, I certainly hope to eventually see the beginning of that Thousand Year Peace.

It will obviously require more than Donald Trump’s rather mild ambition to return America to its post-World War II greatness.

The enemies within Communist Islam?

The Red Muslims?!

When those two inevitable incompatibilities have their unavoidable “falling out”?

A fully united Judeo-Christianity will rise as if it were Christ Himself and The Thousand Year Peace will have begun.

Then again, it will only be for one thousand years and that is… well… it’s only one thousand years.

The Devil shall return.


Without Lucifer, God is not God anymore.


Man would no longer be individually free.

That would be against God’s Will.

Such a thing will never happen for longer than one thousand years.

God Himself wouldn’t allow it.

There is only one way to learn about God and Life:


The Bushes, the Clinton’s and the Obama Nation?

Despite their Harvard and Yale degrees?!

Or, perhaps, because of those degrees,


Michael Moriarty

Michael Moriarty is an Emmy Award and Golden Globe winner who starred in the landmark TV series Law & Order. He is also a jazz pianist and classical composer and a conservative columnist.

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