Why I trust God over science when it comes to man-made ‘Climate Change’

This past week we had a historic event take place because saw the Roman Catholic Pope visit the United States. He visited the President at the White House and he gave a speech. He visited a historical joint meeting of Congress and he gave a moving speech. He visited the United Nations in New York City and he gave a speech. He visited the city of Philadelphia, and he gave a speech.

The Pope gave a lot of speeches over the past week. And one of the constants in his speeches was this idea of Man Made Global Climate Change. The problem is, the Pope knows very little about this so-called science and he is reacting to what those around him tell him about the issue.

I bring this up because the Pope has great influence even in nations that are not heavily populated with Roman Catholics. The people and leaders listen to the Pope because they usually are not political, but the problem with this influence is that it is based on faulty science at best and just plain flat out lies at worst.
You see, way back in the day, as we like to say in colloquial speak, when a very famous artist, philosopher, scientist, thinker was alive and well, he looked at the natural world around him and changed the way people thought. He tried to change what was already the established “science” of the day.

Leonardo da Vinci was a great thinker and his imagination lead him to many discoveries and theories that later proved to be true and eerily accurate. He showed that the earth had changed dramatically since God created it, in spite of the fact that the settled science of the day said the earth was basically unchanged since God created it and placed man upon it.
Today we know for a fact that the earth has gone through massive changes over the centuries and millennium. In fact if we could get a time machine and go back to the time of Christ, just 2000 years or so, we would be hard pressed to recognize the earth from our vantage point.

That is how much the earth has changed since then and to think most of that change had nothing to do with mankind. The same is true of our climate. We can go back in time and see for a fact that the great warming period of 950 to 1250 AD had nothing to do with mankind. Indeed, a man was in no position to affect or effect the climate of that time.
But then if you fast forward to about 1650 to 1770, the earth entered to what is often called the Mini Ice Age. This is the time of Charles Dickens. He wrote his novels about an England that knew snow and cold and we know this to be factual. That period of time was colder than it is now. Just as scientists believe that the warming period was warmer than it is today.
So within the short history of man, we have a tremendous amount of climate change that could not have been initiated by a man at all. This brings up the point of Leonardo because he challenged the so called “settled science” of the day. He showed and proved that conventional wisdom of the time was wrong and it was wrong because the base cause or base belief was wrong.

This is also true for climate change. You see the main problem with this theory is that we do not have an accurate base from which to establish this unnatural change. What the Pope fails to understand is that God gives us a base from which we can judge our sins and our deeds and actions be them be good and honest or sinful and evil, but we do not have such a base for defining our climate.

In order to determine that our climate is getting out of control, we would have to know the perfect base from which to establish our scientific data. We do not have such a base because we simply do not know what that base is. So we assume the change happens from a base that we chose during our recent lifetime and history and that base is after the Industrial Revolution.
With this false base established, those with certain agendas can dictate the outcomes of that science and thus dictate how man must be governed in order to meet the objective of those that believe in climate change. The problem is their objective is to preserve the perfect climate, which, as history has proven, does not exist.
Thus the Pope and any other political leader that signs on to such a notion as Man Made Global Climate Change have not looked at the historical evidence and the evidence provided in the earth’s history which was placed there by God Himself.

Frankly, I will trust God over any scientist any day of the week. After all, God created science and He knows all. We are still discovering what He created and, in fact, we know very little. But isn’t it interesting how some people think they have all the answers. The problem with their answers is that often they are wrong and we the people suffer for their mistakes.


Rod Eccles is the Host of The Nationally Syndicated Radio Show The Rod Eccles Show. He is The Coolest Most Politically Incorrect Conservative Black Man on the Planet and he is being dubbed the new Black Rush Limbaugh of our time. He is considered to be one of the leading voices in the Conservative Movement. This year he published his first book titled The Conservative ECCLESiastes: Logic and Wisdom from the Coolest, Most Politically Incorrect, Conservative Black Man on the Planet. Rod Eccles has been added to the list of Top Talk Conservative Radio Show Hosts. Rod also travels around the country making Key Note Speeches to Tea Party and Republican Organizations to inspire and educate the people of the greatness of America. For more information please visit his website at rodeccles.net

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