VICHY CANADA by Michael Moriarty

The cast of Law & Order in 1994.
The cast of Law & Order in 1994.

The Liberals and Justin Trudeau won the Canadian election.


All of North America is now under the leadership of pro-Islamic, Leftist, New World Order, utterly amoral narcissists.

When both Trudeau and Barack Hussein Obama ultimately face worldwide disgrace and defeat, as all amoral narcissists ultimately have… this day, October 20, 2015, and Canada’s surrender to Justin Trudeau? It will be remembered as the beginning of a third millennium’s Marshall Philippe Pétain’s rule over a Vichy Canada.

Justin Trudeau’s Enabler?

Rather like Pétain’s Hitler?

He is Barack Obama and the American President’s increasingly well-established, two-term, American dictatorship.

The National Socialism boldly exhibited in the acronym NAZI?

Or today’s acronym, N.W.O?

The New World Order?

Both N.A.Z.I. and N.W.O.?

Both exist within the American euphemism “Progressivism”.

Or as Jon Voight recently pointed out: Progressivism really means not just National Socialism but pure Communism. The very highest and most successful victory of Hitler’s National Socialism!

With Putin’s alliance to Iran and Syria’s Assaad?

Communism’s inevitable and unavoidable anti-Semitism?

Communism’s ultimately self-loathing nature since Karl Marx himself was a Jew?!

This doomed marriage between Communism and Islam, rather like the nightmare of that love affair between Hitler and Stalin, portends the swift demise of this alliance between Communism and Islam.

What we must, however, face now is the clear fact that the entire North American Continent, following the election of Justin Trudeau and the treasonous ownership of the American Presidency by Barack Obama, is now an increasingly anti-Semitic, “Progressive” Fascism.

And, with its Islamic allies, rapaciously committed to conquering the entire world in order to establish a Progressive New World Order Jihad, one ostensibly run by the United Nations.

In reality, however, the N.W.O. is controlled by what Voltaire referred to as the “enlightened despots”.

It will be, for years, the most crucial test of my Judeo-Christian faith that I have or will ever encounter.

To say that the young Trudeau is naïve about Islam is naïve in and of itself.

Trudeau is driven by an inherited arrogance, an atheistic and nihilistically French hatred inherent within the entire Trudeau family.

Trudeau’s ally in this contempt for Judeo-Christianity, Barack Hussein Obama, has always possessed, I am sure, a suicidal commitment to Islam.

Coupled with Obama’s criminal deceit, you have the explanation for this American President’s diabolical genius.

The price that all of Canada will pay for such political exploitation is inevitable.

And the price will predictably end in blood of some sort.

Like his father Pierre, Justin Trudeau will eventually be forced to declare Martial Law in Canada because of actions by what would appear to be two of his most ardent supporters.

Quebec and Islam.

Obama will, must, eventually and formally, also declare Martial Law in America.

How could this happen?

The International Communist Party’s decision to exploit Islamic insanity and use the virulent rage within ISIS and Iran against Judeo-Christianity as the “shock-troops”, the blitzkrieg and SS, Third-Reich-like forces to destroy not only the Once-Free-World but all of Judeo-Christianity.

The most decisive yet overlooked development in this plan to conquer the entire world are the philosophic and political opinions of both Russia’s Orthodox leader, Vladimir Putin, and Catholicism’s greatest “liberation theologian”, Pope Francis.

I am sure they both believe that Christ, were he alive today, would be a Communist.

They appear to be equally contemptuous of Capitalist America.

Despite Putin’s claim to be profoundly against any idea of a New World Order?

As incredible as his efforts to convince us of his Russian Orthodox Communism.

The two, God and Marxism, are a contradiction in terms.

What is Putin doing so completely hooked up with two totalitarian allies: Radically Muslim Iran and Red China?!

Putin and his fans say that he will have nothing to do with “a New World Order.”

The Russian Orthodox Church, of which Putin claims to be a member,  currently claims its exclusive jurisdiction over all Orthodox Christians within the former Soviet Union.


Michael Moriarty

Michael Moriarty is an Emmy Award and Golden Globe winner who starred in the landmark TV series Law & Order. He is also a jazz pianist and classical composer and a conservative columnist.

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