Van Hipp: If North Korea Denuclearizes, Trump ‘Will Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize’

VARNEY: “I’m glad that you’re here today. You know about this, though, number one that’s an extraordinary diplomatic breakthrough, but number two, denuclearization of North Korea is on the table, now that’s — I know it was there but that’s a shock.”

HIPP: “You know, Richard Nixon had a saying seize the moment, I came on the network right after it was announced in March, we need to seize the moment, seize the moment and set the stage and tone to get the president to close the biggest deal of all time. That’s what he has done with Pompeo. This guy is the real deal and great secretary of state. Next week the leaders will come together and word beginning to come out that they may announce the end to the 68-year state of war that presently exists.” 

VARNEY: “Because there is a state of war, it’s not been resolved.”
HIPP: “Absolutely, you know what, Stuart, it’s American strength and leadership that has gotten us to this point.” 

VARNEY: “Where might this summit meeting take place, I hear all kinds of suggestions?”

HIPP: “They’ve had all suggestions, I recommended for off bed to do it in Paris, why because macron understand it is Iranian threat and great enablers. It’s going to be in Asia. This president pulls this off and the summit is successful and we do go down the pathway to denuclearization, this president will deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. This will drive folks nuts but —”

VARNEY: “–Drive them nuts.”

HIPP: “Absolutely.”

VARNEY: “Really, what gets me is denuclearization of North Korea is on the table. That’s phenomenal. Can you really see that happening? They are abandoning the nuke that is they spent two generations developing? Do you really see them doing that?”

HIPP: “It’s historical. They have several nuclear test sites but the biggest, I used open source intelligence and looked at satellite images back in early March, you see a lot of personnel, this is where the tunneling takes place, underground nuclear test, satellite imagery taken after it was announced that the summit would take place, big time deescalation of the personnel of the the site and the tunneling has stopped. America’s strength is working.”

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