U.S. Must Leverage Ally Japan’s Transportation Technology to Counter China

“A Natural Fit for President Trump’s Infrastructure Package to Rebuild America”

China is building what they claim is the world’s largest railroad tunnel.

The Obama Administration left us watching our competitors such as China reassert their influence both regionally and globally, contest our geopolitical advantages and attempt to change the international order in their favor. In short, China is currently killing the United States, and in particular we are taking a beating when it comes to infrastructure.

Now more than ever, the United States must look towards its ally in the east, Japan, to leverage its investment in super conducting electromagnetic technology (SCMAGLEV) to counter real advances China has made. Our nation’s current archaic and failing infrastructure costs the American people millions in taxpayer dollars every year and leaves America vulnerable to our biggest competitors.

Fortunately, President Trump’s ‘National Security Strategy’ could not have come at a more precise time to address an area where the United States should take priority to counter our advancing competitor. In the wake of Amtrak Train No. 51’s fatal derailment in Washington on Monday, which killed at least three individuals and injured about 100 others, President Trump said that it is time to get up to speed with the rest of the world and our competitors when it comes to our nation’s railways. He’s right!

China has the world’s largest high-speed rail network system, which it continues to expand and develop. Currently the Chinese are attempting to build the world’s fastest train with a proposed speed at roughly 373 miles per hour, almost five times as fast the allowable passenger train speed in the U.S., and is leading projects in Southeast Asia, Iran, Turkey and Russia.

With the infrastructure package plan due out in January, now is the right time for the U.S. to leverage the investment made by Japan to begin the construction of a high-speed electromagnetic railway in the Northeast Corridor. The construction of a Northeast MAGLEV, coupled with the passage of our nation’s greatest tax bill since the Reagan Era, would save U.S. taxpayers money, create more than 200,000 jobs, increase GDP by $22.5 billion and give America the sweetest honor of all, the chance to stick it to China.

President Trump has a great opportunity to do what is years overdue and include SCMAGLEV technology in the infrastructure package plan. ConservativeBase.com calls upon conservatives to contact the White House at (202) 456-1414, thank President Trump for his continuously strong leadership, and urge his Administration to leverage allied technology like Japan’s to rebuild our infrastructure, save taxpayer money, create jobs for Americans and show China that America is great once again!



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