Trump reveals his thoughts on Mexico, Bill Cosby, Obama to New York City talk host

Rita and Donald

News/Talk radio station 77 WABC in New York city is scheduled to air award-winning journalist Rita Cosby’s fascinating and revealing interview with Donald Trump, the controversial U.S. Presidential candidate. The interview will be heard in it entirety on Sunday, July 19, at 6:00 a.m. ET on The Rita Cosby Show and on-demand on the 77 WABC website. And, as one would expect, “The Donald” doesn’t mince words about his opinions on Mexican illegal aliens, actor/comedian Bill Cosby and the current occupant of the Oval Office.

During an informative and entertaining interview, “The Donald,” arguably the quintessential New York success story, reveals “his unvarnished and often provocative views on Mexico, Bill Cosby, the Iran nuclear pact and more” to the three-time Emmy Award-winning Rita Cosby and her WABC listeners. Outside of New York, the show may be heard on the station’s website.

Along with his propensity for jousting with interviewers from all sides of the political spectrum, Rita Cosby’s direct, incisive and probing interview style makes for a perfect match-up with Trump and she provides an informed look at one of America’s most fascinating businessmen, entertainers and commentators to ever seek the presidential nomination from any political party.

“I’ve been a New York City cop for a lot of years and I’m one of those Americans who believes Trump is a serious candidate who isn’t afraid to take the political firestorm of the so-called Inside-the-Beltway establishment. He also never backs down from members of the news media who are frequently in the tank for establishment political leaders,” said former Det. Iris Aquino. “While the media was accused of being President Barack Obama’s water carriers, I accuse them now of being bomb-throwers against Donald Trump,” the veteran c0p added.

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