The Wicked Witch of the Left, Hillary Clinton, has predictably again lost control of any sense of propriety – having previously referred to conservatives, people of faith and others who believe in the rule of law as the “great right wing conspiracy” and now tagging us as a “basket of deplorables.” She is desperate, as lying over her criminal misuse of a private email server and now her deteriorating health become even more central to her potentially collapsing campaign for the presidency. Ironically, if a phrase can be found for Hillary and the ethically bankrupt political degenerates she surrounds herself with as she defensively dismounts from her broom and crouches into what is in effect a pre-natal position, it would be “Hillary Clinton’s Basket of Criminals.” Let me explain.

First, and foremost, among Hillary’s Basket of Criminals is Harold Ickes, the former deputy chief of staff of the Clinton White House during the 1990s. Linked to mafia bosses in New York – as just one example, he used to represent the restaurant workers union there, which is a mafia front – “Poor Harold” is the primary “hitman” for Hillary Clinton. In fact, when I asked him during the now famous Filegate lawsuit I initiated while at Judicial Watch, which resulted in Hillary and her pliant aides illegally obtaining over 900 FBI files in an attempt to gather dirt on adversaries, whether he ever asked for any “favors” from his mafia contacts, he came after me during a deposition and lurched over Judicial Watch’s conference room table. He then got up, throwing his microphone on the table, and chided me, in a fake Southern accent, that if he did not leave to go the bathroom he would leave something on my conference room carpet. The entire sordid episode was recorded by the deposition videographer and later played on cable news shows. It underscores the low class if not criminality of the people the Wicked Witch of the Left surrounds herself with. These are no munchkins!

Two of the more famous Clinton War Room members were   George Stephanopoulos  -- who now pretends to be a journalist on ABC -- and James Carville who turned lying into an art form.
Two of the more famous Clinton War Room members were George Stephanopoulos — who now pretends to be a journalist on ABC — and James Carville who turned lying into an art form.

Second, there is John Podesta, the Clinton White House chief of staff who suppressed and lied about Hillary’s first email scandal, the one I uncovered thanks to two whistleblowers who came forward and walked into Judicial Watch’s lobby ironically during the deposition of “Poor Harold.” From them – Democrats who worked in the White House Office of Administration – that Hillary, Bill and others in the White House had hidden, based on a specious claim of a computer glitch, over 1 million emails that should have been produced to us, Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr and Congress. These emails would have shed light on the Clintons’ 40-plus scandals. Podesta, a criminal in his own right, who later testified before federal Judge Royce C. Lamberth, sought to cover up this scandal. Podesta, simply put, is another slimy political hack and facilitator of Hillary’s felonious conduct. He is now central to the funding and “well-being” of her presidential campaign.

Third, there are Hillary’s two “girlfriends,” Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, one a longtime Clinton aide who has greased and obstructed various Clinton scandals, including the present ones, and the other a Muslim Palestinian who has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, the granddaddy of all terrorist groups and the “holding company” of al-Qaida. Both of these sinister figures do the illegal bidding of the Wicked Witch and are so close to her that many have speculated about romantic ties to the former first lady and now presidential candidate.

Fifth, there is Hillary’s decades-serving lawyer David Kendall, who along with his colleagues at the law firm of Williams & Connolly, not coincidentally the lawyers of the Washington Post, were obediently willing to permanently delete and destroy over 30,000 emails on Hillary Clinton’s private email server that were withheld from the public, me and others in the last several years. These emails were sought to further uncover and seek legal redress against the Wicked Witch’s racketeering criminal enterprise at the Clinton Foundation. Were Kendall not part of the Washington, D.C., establishment, he and his colleagues would be indicted and tried for this blatant obstruction of justice, all designed to continue to reap them large legal fees from Hillary and her co-conspirators whose interests they feloniously serve. But like the rest of Hillary’s Basket of Criminals, Kendall and Williams & Connolly thus far walk off into the law enforcement sunset unscathed.

Sixth, there are the likes of George Stephanopoulos and James Carville, members of Hillary’s so-called “War Room,” designed to destroy the women who came forward during her White House years to reveal Slick Willey’s harassment, rape and dalliances against and with various women I represented and some of which I still represent: Gennifer Flowers, Dolly Kyle Browning, Juanita Broadderick, Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones. These women were disparaged, threatened, audited by the IRS and generally terrorized to try to shut them up. As with the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Hillary, who frankly couldn’t have cared less about Bill’s “issues” with other women, was concerned that their coming forward with hard facts would put a monkey wrench into her own future presidential ambitions. Indeed, during the Clinton White House years, Linda Tripp, the caretaker of Monica’s semen-stained dress, testified to me that there were signs hung in the White House touting Hillary as a future president. It is no coincidence that Stephanopoulos now runs interference for Hillary on ABC’s “Good Morning America” and Carville, now “skinny and happy,” works behind the scenes to have her elected as the first “queen of the nation.”

I could go on and on naming Hillary’s Basket of Criminals, but the list is too long to include in this column. One can only hope that someday they all can be put behind bars, along with the Wicked Witch and her hubby, where they belong.


Edited by Jim Kouri

Jim Kouri, CPP, is founder and CEO of Kouri Associates, a homeland security, public safety and political consulting firm. He's formerly Fifth Vice-President, now a Board Member of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, a columnist, and a contributor to the nationally syndicated talk-radio program, the Chuck Wilder Show.. He's former chief of police at a New York City housing project in Washington Heights nicknamed "Crack City" by reporters covering the drug war in the 1980s. In addition, he served as director of public safety at St. Peter's University and director of security for several major organizations. He's also served on the National Drug Task Force and trained police and security officers throughout the country.

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