The Second American Civil War: Washington, D.C.  Versus The Founding Fathers/Michael Moriarty

William Clinton doesn’t like talking about it.

Whereas George H. W. Bush spent his only term in office dreaming about it in public and assuring the entire human race that “we will succeed”.

Neither of them mention it now.

“Bill” talks around it with phrases like “positive identity politics” that help, without his having to say it, his accomplices know how committed they all are to The New World Order.

His “negative identity politics” means the enemies of The New World Order.

However, these two, Clinton and Bush Sr., are only part of the “Globalists”.

By now? They are legendary friends “across the aisle”!

A central analysis of their Globalist’s Conspiracy” is here. And here.

A further extension or increasingly exposed corner of this New World Order is the UN’s Agenda 21.

Here is the eloquent Lord Christopher Monckton describing in revealing detail, the plans for a New World Order dominated by the United Nations.

Non-elected, global organizations such as the U.N. and the E.U. increasingly control all the nations of the World.

Here is Agenda 21 in under 5 minutes.

Only Clinton and the Bushes could make an anti-American President like Barack Hussein Obama not only an inevitability but a literal bargaining chip for the UN’s “deal” with the Middle East. Obama has been a bribe to the United Nations by the Bush/Clinton, Bipartisan, American Commitment to a Progressive New World Order.

If the Bush/Clinton Pact
 weren’t so treasonous,
 they would have demanded
 Obama’s impeachment!

But no!

How can they impeach a subsequent President when the plans of all three of these POTUS-es for a New World Order – or as Clinton evasively encodes it, “positive identity politics” – these treasonous brain storms have defied the American Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and its Bill of Rights?

One commentator on Barack Obama in particular has described his Presidency as “suicidal nihilism”.

The Jihadist President of The United States.

As far as I am concerned, Obama has passed his own point of no return.

He has so defiled the office of the American Presidency that his ultimate goal of American Martial Law under his tyranny might seem, to him particularly, his better alternative. One far more satisfying than completing his second term with no ambitions for a third.

Leaving him just one American President of many… albeit the most villainous of the lot.

The fates of Mussolini and Hitler do not seem to deter Obama’s increasingly rapid race to a Fascist State and therefore a Second American Civil War.

The evidence of a fresh renewal to the Republican Party from non-politicians such as Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson raises all of our hopes for a return to the governing fundamentals of the American Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

Tragically, the Century-long Campaign for a New World Order, a plot concocted within not only the United Nations but within the United States as well.

Devised, supported and promulgated by Americans.

Pure treason.

As if the Founding Fathers and their proven genius were no longer relevant.

When I left my birthplace and homeland of America, I knew things would be getting bad.

I never, however, expected the kind of “suicidal nihilism” being dished up by President Obama and his Islamic compatriots.

He is deliberately driving traditional Americans into a Second Civil War.

He assumes the upper hand because of his Communist/Islamic “connections”.

Certain that the entire United Nations, except for traditional Americans and Israel, will join him in crushing the United States of America.

Are the seeming conflicts and disagreements between Obama and Vladimir Putin of Russia real?

Or are they the game which the Marxist/Muslim Alliance, personified by the joining together of Iran and Russia, has been playing together?

Not to mention Red China’s participation with Russia in these Mediterranean naval maneuvers?

How can an America, with a leader who betrays America’s Founding Fathers daily, survive before an enemy Axis the size and power of this Russian, Chinese and Iranian monster?

That Axis, veiled as the forces of the United Nations, could invade the United States at Obama’s request and begin to alter the entire population of America as Obama has already been doing for his entire reign as America’s first, unadulterated tyrant.

Meanwhile, Obama maintains he’s a certain victor if he were allowed to run for a third term!

Why would he say that?

His open-door, illegal immigration policies… plus fraud, of course.

Why no opposition?!

Why no call for his impeachment?!

The American, bipartisan support for The New World Order.

America’s suicidal refusal to stop Obama’s treason.

I doubt if America will go down without a fight.

However, with Congress refusing to impeach Obama?!

America is most certainly going down… until, that is, a miracle intervenes.

I’ve always believed in God. Therefore, I’ve always believed in miracles. 

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His  film and TV credits include Bang the Drum Slowly (with Robert DeNiro), the Pale Rider (with Clint Eastwood) and the landmark mini-series Holocaust (with James Woods and Meryl Streep).


Michael Moriarty

Michael Moriarty is an Emmy Award and Golden Globe winner who starred in the landmark TV series Law & Order. He is also a jazz pianist and classical composer and a conservative columnist.

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