The New World Order’s diabolical pilgrimage: Part One  by Michael Moriarty

I began this series of articles on the diabolical pilgrimage of The New World Order much earlier this year.

I am so convinced of the unrelenting savagery of this “Diabolical Pilgrimage”, this “American Third Reich” to destroy individual freedom, that its campaign to transform America into a small and profoundly humiliated corner of a criminally New World Order is not, by any stretch of the imagination, over.

This Part One of the series starts at the beginning of this year, 2016.

The actually treasonous campaign for The New World Order, however, began over 20 years ago with this breathtakingly shameless speech by President George H. W. Bush.

This Part One of my series was written in the Spring of this year.

In this context, please begin to read what will undoubtedly prove to be the most important set of essays in my entire writing career.

THE HANOI HILTON, Michael Moriarty, 1987. ©Cannon Films
THE HANOI HILTON, Michael Moriarty, 1987. ©Cannon Films

At this present stage, the Spring of  2016, in what I define as The New World Order’s Diabolical Pilgrimage, the recent racial violence between the police and blacks is a major part of Barack Hussein Obama’s incendiary Presidency of the United States.

My thoughts about this nightmare center around President Barack Obama and the major hand he has had in creating, with his unending praise for Black Lives Matter and his repeated criticism of the American police.

What has provoked this entire long series of interrelated editorials has been a most disturbing article by the New York Times’ David Samuels about the relationship between President Barack Hussein Obama and his Deputy National Security Adviser For Strategic Communications, Ben Rhodes, came to my initially bewildered and eventually very infuriated attention.

The implications of David Samuels’ “narrative” about his meetings with Ben Rhodes rang painfully loud bells of memory.

I could only think of my experiences during the filming of the television mini-series Holocaust and my role as Hitler’s New World Order Idealist

How the history-changing idealism of Ben Rhodes reminded me of the very role I had performed in Holocaust, Colonel Eric Dorf of Adolf Hitler’s Schutzstaffel or Algemeine SS.

Obama’s Eric Dorf?

Ben Rhodes is no longer just Ben Rhodes.

He is Barack Hussein Obama’s Ben Rhodes.

There have been a number of New World Order Campaigns in the history of the world and its human race.

All of them have never reached their ultimate goal of ruling the entire world.

Now the United Nations wants to try a hand at building a Third Millennium World Empire.

One of the United Nations’ major point men in its campaign to rule the world is President Barack Hussein Obama of the United States.

This President has made it repeatedly clear that he really has never had any love for the United States.

Both Obama’s Islamic and Marxist loyalties make it impossible for predominantly Judeo-Christian America to have ever been a source for any of the President’s pride, joy or admiration.

President Obama’s ultimate goal is to “fundamentally transform the United States” into a docile and submissive corner of a disturbingly increasing Marxist/Islamic United Nations.

Cast of Law & Order: (Left to right) Jill Hennesy, Michael Moriarty, Jerry Orbach, and Chris Noth.
Cast of Law & Order: (Left to right) Jill Hennesy, Michael Moriarty, Jerry Orbach, and Chris Noth.

My first and quite angrily bewildered question is, “What is a Jewish-Christian Ben Rhodes doing playing doppelganger to a Red Islamic, Communist-sympathizing, quasi Muslim-American conspirator for the United Nations and its New World Order?!

Then again, what was a nice Catholic boy like Eric Dorf doing as an increasingly rabid anti-Semitic enforcer of racial policies in Nazi Germany?

Then further again, how could the anti-Zionism of Communism have a creator, Karl Marx, who is Jewish?!

My answer?

The Devil’s distinctive addiction to treason and any other form of betrayal and self-loathing.

The New World Order is, in my hardly humble opinion, Lucifer’s greatest temptation to both a by-now, profoundly benighted American leadership and a torturously slow, waking up of America.

Why “the greatest temptation”?

The Devil, Lucifer has never – even after including the villains of World War II, even after considering Hitler, Stalin and Imperial Japan – Mephistopheles has never put himself into greater seats of power than both, and simultaneously, the Presidency of the United States and the Catholic Papacy!

Which, of course, reminds me of Holocaust Part One, 
The Gathering Darkness.

In it, there is more than a hint of what?

Even unto the halls of the Catholic Church?!

Oh, well… that was the past, wasn’t it?!

Yet now there is ISIS!

Or should it be, as President Obama insists, ISIL?

In the American Thinker, 
Amil Imani writes:

“Many who closely follow the dueling Islamic terror narratives emanating from the White House are mystified by Mr. Obama’s inability (or deliberate unwillingness) to utter the phrase “Islamic terrorists.”  Many are curious, too, about why he refuses to call ISIS “ISIS,” steadfastly insisting instead that everybody in his administration call the terror group “ISIL.”  What’s the difference, and why is it important?

“The agendas behind each diverge widely.  In fact, the variance between the two is elephantine in scale.”

Hmmm… no, it can’t be “elephantine”!

That’s big, right?

After all, he’s the President of the United States!

America wouldn’t let a possible anti-Semite into the White House, would she?

I’ve kept the Latin sense of the feminine, the “a” ending to America and… well… there’s very much something of the well-intended, possibly naïve wife in America.

Does America really know what some of her “men” are really up to?

Mr. Omani continues:

“ISIS stands for the ‘Islamic State in Iraq and Syria,’ a terror group controlling a large swath of both Iraq and Syria in which the terrorists claim to have established a ‘caliphate,’ a state in which Islamic sharia law is imposed upon all living in the area, anyone who fails to adhere to strict Muslim guidelines has his head removed.  Obama’s contrary assertions aside, ISIS is by no means contained.  In fact, the savage group (which prefers to be called the ‘Islamic State’ or ‘IS’) has metastasized on maps like immense pools of blood covering the ancient borders that once divided parts of Syria and Iraq.”

These seemingly small distinctions, since this investigation of mine, The New World Order’s Diabolical Pilgrimage, attempts to find out just how diabolical and profoundly dangerous this “pilgrimage” of The New World Order is… these details might be important.

Mightn’t they?

“ISIL, Obama’s preference, stands for the ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.’”

And what could “the Levant” be?

It is certainly President Obama’s preference.

ISIS only refers to “The Islamic State In Iraq and Syria”.

The Islamic State in the Levant?!

The Levant encompasses, as Mr. Omani describes it, “The west part of Syria, Lebanon, west part of Jordan, Palestine (West Bank and Gaza Strip), Israel and Sinai (Egypt).”  Other sources claim that it also encompasses parts of Turkey.  All of these states embrace Islam, with one very notable exception: Israel, our only ‘blood brother’ ally in the region that all Islamic terrorists want gone, violently and forever.”


That’s a most impressive mountain of real estate!

Yet, Obama dismisses ISIL, after repeatedly surrendering a huge corner of the Middle East to it, render ISIL harmless by calling it the “JV team”.

Could President Obama be talking to two entirely different audiences at the same time, and, as another voice of the Obama Nation, Jonathan Gruber,  would say it, “Without stupid America even knowing it!”

President Obama acknowledging and perhaps even adopting for himself the ISIL nightmare’s total self-image which says basically:

are the Middle East!”

And many of us are beginning to suspect that ISIL is now the White House itself.

Oh, the American air power and Russians particularly are killing hundreds of ISIS/ISIL fighters.

Islamic fanatics are more than willing to die.

ISIS/ISIL considers it an honor to throw their lives away on what is perhaps the third and hopefully last effort by RADICAL ISLAM to rule the entire world.

President Obama simply called this mounting violence “The Arab Spring”.

However, and here is where, as they say, the airplane tire meets the runway.

In short?

The Progressive New World Order

Comparing the The New World Order to Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich?!?!

Isn’t the final objective of both Adolph Hitler and The New World Order the same?!

Aren’t The New World Order operations rife with rumors of Depopulation?!

Isn’t the NWO assaulted by provocative videos?

1930’s Germany?


Here is a detailed description of how and why Lorelei was banned.

It’s original author, Heinrich Heine, was Jewish.

Throughout the world, we are seeing spots of total surrender to Islamic cultural demands.

Here the Obama Administration plays a major part in such capitulations to even Radical Islamic demands like those of al Qaeda.

When an increasingly Islamic President of the United States tries pushing the blood-thirsty standards of al Qaeda and insists upon supporting the ISIL claims to a governing role throughout The Levant?!

Yet, one of the leading voices within the Obama Nation is a Jewish/Christian novelist named Ben Rhodes.

And certainly Ben Rhodes, of all eloquent and intelligent people, couldn’t possibly be a stooge for what the anti-Obama mouthpieces like Glenn Beck are beginning to call America’s First Dictator.

 Or could he?

Eric Dorf, indeed all of 1930’s most intelligent citizens?

They fell in behind Hitler with Ben Rhodes-like certainty!

The New World Order’s Diabolical Pilgrimage continues, next month, with Part Two. 

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. He won an Emmy Award for his role as Jim in the television production of The Glass Menagerie and subsequently earned a Tony Award for his portrayal of homosexual Julian Weston in Find Your Own Way (1974). In 1977, he won yet another Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award for his work in the miniseries Holocaust with Meryl Streep.


Michael Moriarty

Michael Moriarty is an Emmy Award and Golden Globe winner who starred in the landmark TV series Law & Order. He is also a jazz pianist and classical composer and a conservative columnist.

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