The New World Order House of Cards: Part One by Michael Moriarty

Award-winning Actor and musician Michael Moriarty warns about the New World Order.
Award-winning Actor and musician Michael Moriarty warns about the New World Order.

I had planned to write an article about the frighteningly radical sympathies that both President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have expressed for Islam.

What is radical sympathy?

The inability of the entire North American leadership
 to fully prosecute 
an effectively unrelenting war
 against what is undeniably 
the pure elixir of human evil,
ISIS, Taliban, Al Qaeda et al.

What is inspiring me to repeatedly cry “Fire! Fire!” in louder and louder, painfully more strident tones?

America’s refusal
 to impeach
 Barack Hussein Obama!

I’ve been engaging in what Time Magazine once described as my “freedom of screech”. It was Time that helped give us a President Barack Hussein Obama.


it has all been 
for the sake
of the New World Order!”

Let me review, for the hundredth time, The North American House of Cards that the New World Order Illuminati – and their diseased entourage of United Nations’ compatriots – have made out of the United States, Canada and what is left of The Free World.

Given that a second Trudeau has inherited the Canadian throne for an entirely new and transformed generation of Canadians, perhaps it is best to return to that most-transformative year for all of North America, 1968 and the election of Pierre Trudeau.

Le Pere Trudeau, in his first administration, reigned as Prime Minister for over ten years, from April 28th, 1968 to June 4, 1979.

The empowerment of the North American Far Left was actually born with Pierre Trudeau. It is hard, in retrospect, to not now call him a full-out, unadulterated Castro-worshipping Communist.

We leap almost fifty years forward to the present moment and see that the seeds which Trudeau sowed then have erupted in a new face for North American Communism: Red Islam.

Marxist Muslims.

The anthropomorphic image of Vladimir Putin’s Neo-Soviet Alliance with the legendary Terrorist State of Iran.

From 1979 to 2016, almost 40 years of slow, steady and, with the exception of President Ronald Reagan, unrelenting, New World Order Treason.

Insuring the inevitability of a Red Islamic hegemony.

A New World Order Coalition of Communist Muslims, Marxist Islam running the former democracies of North America?!

The international Communist movement, after all these years of failure in its efforts to rule the remaining Free World, suddenly realized that to complete the job, they must enlist the most fanatically homicidal of earthly religions, Islam.

The enemy of my enemy… is, indeed… and of necessity… my “new best friend”.

Such “best friends” as Islam and World Communism, both fighting for a New World Order, are unavoidably, with the invaluable example of Pierre Trudeau, planning martial law for all of the United States.

And Canada… if necessary.

Pierre declared martial law over Canada in October of 1970.

In short, Pierre Trudeau, in contrast to his son, needed anti-Communist bona fides.

You don’t, to use an Obama word, “transform” the whole Free World in one Canadian administration, particularly if you’ve been suspected, like Pierre Trudeau was, of being Communist all along.

Now, after 46 years of increasing North American submission to the United Nations’ plans for a New World Order?!

It has been concluded by the New World Order Illuminati that the only possible way for Karl Marx, Stalin and Mao to get their ways with the human race is to ally themselves with the ruthlessly butchering history of Islam.

Radical Islam particularly.


Muslims can and will do the all-necessary dirty work of terror when the Communist Party has been forced to disavow, so repeatedly, its violent dirty work, particularly in South America.

Let Islam 
be the wolf
 in the transforming Communist costume
 of The Lamb.

the Islamic Wolf
The Communist Lamb
shall build
The New World Order.

Break the back of Judeo-Christianity by creating the worldwide Red Islam that now exists with such seemingly unstoppable force in the Presidential and Prime Ministerial offices of both Washington, D.C. and Toronto.

Trudeau and Obama.

Red Islam, Communist Muslims will never have a better chance than now to close their fists around the Judeo-Christian Civilization… or, at least, what is left of it.

They will now, with martial law, choke to death that once-powerful Western Civilization of Marx and Mohammed and obliterate it.

This is the great moment that Pierre Trudeau and his pal, Fidel Castro, had dreamt of all along.

The final end of North American Democracy.

With that gone, Europe will belong to Putin and Iran!

The leading contender for the next President of the United States, Donald Trump – if a next American election ever happens – has apparently planned for a kind of Roman Triumvirate.

He, Putin and the Politburo of Red China as Emperors of a Pax Internationale wherein everything is “negotiable”.

I much prefer that to what both Justin and Barack have in mind.

Tune in next week to Part Two of The New World Order House of Cards.

We will discuss what I see as the main choices for the immediate future: Obama’s Martial Law that suspends American elections… wither that or Obama’s Impeachment. 

Michael Moriarty

Michael Moriarty is an Emmy Award and Golden Globe winner who starred in the landmark TV series Law & Order. He is also a jazz pianist and classical composer and a conservative columnist.

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