The Best Entertainment Money Can’t Buy: Peter Roff

Donald Trump appeals to real Americans, and it’s endlessly amusing watching the GOP elite try to figure out why.

Call me a cynic, but watching the Republican establishment get its collective undershorts tied in a knot over Donald J. Trump’s presidential candidacy is the best entertainment money can’t buy.

The bilious billionaire from the five boroughs is giving the rest of America’s political class a lesson in how to sell ideas to a disbelieving public.

Who can blame them for embracing his overly simplistic approach to the country’s problems? Let’s face it: America is having a collective nervous breakdown born of joblessness, the steady erosion of our purchasing power and an increase in terrorism on the homefront. This is not the change the electorate had in mind when they put Barack Obama in the White House.

Take Trump’s suggestion that a ban be imposed on Muslims seeking to come to America until the federal government can get a better handle on the process of screening political refugees coming from the Middle East. The Washington crowd is having fits, calling him a “racist” and a “bigot,” distancing themselves on a bipartisan basis from the suggestion as fast as they can and having deep discussions about how his idea violates the Constitution. Yet if you go out to America and talk to guys on the loading dock and women at the lunch counter, what you generally hear is, “Yeah, sounds like a good idea to me.”

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Peter Roff is a contributing editor at U.S. News & World Report. Formerly a senior political writer for United Press International, he’s now affiliated with several public policy organizations, including Let Freedom Ring and Frontiers of Freedom. His writing has appeared in National Review, Fox News’ opinion section, The Daily Caller, Politico and elsewhere. Follow him on Twitter @PeterRoff.

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