Sen. Grassley: Judge Kavanaugh Faces Deep State ‘Partisan Blitzkrieg’

Finding himself in a situation much like the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill “high-tech lynching” of a black judge who “dared to think for himself,” Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee decided to take a more forceful approach than the GOP did during the Bush 41 SCOTUS nomination of a U.S. Constitution originalist.

Sen. Feinstein has embarked on one of the most insidious plots in the DNC’s propaganda arsenal with the help of a dishonest news media.

Religious conservatives dedicated to ending abortion gave U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley a standing ovation Friday for his role as the Republican point man in navigating Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh through a hailstorm of controversy and a confirmation process the senator described as “a partisan blitzkrieg.”

Grassley, R-Iowa, while giving a speech before about 700 people evangelicals and conservatives who were attending the seventh annual Family Leader summit that the GOP-led effort to confirm 68 federal judges — including 26 circuit judges and one U.S. Supreme Court justice so far — “will reshape the federal judiciary for a generation.”

But that’s precisely reason for the Deep State Democrats to “suddenly” find a Democrat college professor in Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s state who decided decades later to accuse Judge Kavanaugh of a sexual offense committed when he and she were high school students.

The fact that the complaint is an old one, is made more sinister by Sen. Feinstein admitting the accusatory letter was in her possession for weeks, Feinstein decided to allow the story to be leaked to the news media as the day for the Kavanaugh’s Senate vote approached.

Then without warning, the often intentional or unintentional unreliable Democratic-Party propaganda machine, the Washington Post, reported that the “woman accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault came forward with her explosive allegations on Sunday, saying the supposed attack “derailed me substantially for four or five years” and claiming that the episode rendered her “unable to have healthy relationships with men.” Her name is Professor of Sociology Christine Ford of Palo Alto University, a known hotbed of radical left politics.

A brief background check revealed that besides a registered Democrat, she is also politically active and attended a number of left-wing Democratic Party fundraisers and events.

Following Sen. Grassley’s visit with conservative voters on Sunday, his office released a press statement about this latest Democratic Party “circus:”

Professor Christine Ford is this generation’s Anita Hill in the transparent effort to derail Judge Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS confirmation. Putting aside political correctness, she’s a campus radical who bullies her students, especially males taking her classes. Don’t expect to hear or read that in the media feeding frenzy to destroy a valuable asset to our justice system. She is part of the Deep State Storm Troopers.


“The standard procedure for updates to any nominee’s background investigation file is to conduct separate follow-up calls with relevant parties. In this case, that would entail phone calls with at least Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford. Consistent with that practice, I asked Senator Feinstein’s office yesterday to join me in scheduling these follow-ups. Thus far, they have refused. But as a necessary step in evaluating these claims, I’ll continue working to set them up.

“Unfortunately, committee Republicans have only known this person’s identity from news reports for less than 24 hours and known about her allegations for less than a week. Senator Feinstein, on the other hand, has had this information for many weeks and deprived her colleagues of the information necessary to do our jobs. The Minority withheld even the anonymous allegations for six weeks, only to later decide that they were serious enough to investigate on the eve of the committee vote, after the vetting process had been completed.

“It’s deeply disturbing that the existence of these allegations were leaked in a way that seemed to preclude Dr. Ford’s confidentiality.

“Over my nearly four decades in the Senate I have worked diligently to protect whistleblowers and get to the bottom of any issue. Dr. Ford’s attorney could have approached my office, while keeping her client confidential and anonymous, so that these allegations could be thoroughly investigated. Nevertheless, we are working diligently to get to the bottom of these claims.”

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