Rita Cosby’s exclusive interview with GOP VP candidate Mike Pence

Trump’s GOP VP Nominee Governor Mike Pence was interviewed exclusively by WABC Radio on “Election Central with Rita Cosby” and gave a wide-ranging interview where he talked about tax returns, the latest poll numbers for Trump and said he’s not surprised by the mounting Republican critics of Trump.

Despite the dropping poll numbers, Pence sounded very confident about November. “I see victory on the horizon.” “There’s only one poll that matters and it’s going to happen and be finished up in November, and that’s on Election Day.” “I truly do believe Donald Trump is going to be the next President of the United States.” Pence compared the criticism of Trump to what Reagan experienced before he was elected. Pence discounted reports that the RNC chair has talked to Trump about his concerns, and said of the mounting GOP critics, “I’m actually not surprised that Washington insiders are resistant to someone who will bring the kind of change that Donald Trump is going to bring to our nation’s capital…  I get that.  I understand that.” He tells pundits and critics to “stay tuned” and says they’ve been surprised before.

He also talked about Hillary Clinton’s latest tax returns which she released Friday saying, “it makes a lot of her class warfare rhetoric… ring hollow. This is a very wealthy family.” He also said his own returns will be coming out soon. Pence said, “When my tax returns are released it’s going to be a quick read.. I can assure you…  the Pences have not become more wealthy as a result of sixteen years in public service.”

The full 17 minute Interview Audio   

Mike Pence and Donald Trump. Award-winning newswoman Rita Cosby allowed Pence to introduce himself to the New York metropolitan area on her show.
Mike Pence and Donald Trump. Award-winning newswoman Rita Cosby allowed Pence to introduce himself to the New York metropolitan area on her show.



On Hillary Clinton Releasing her Taxes Friday:

00:19 – RC:  I want to ask you about the new news about Hillary Clinton now releasing her taxes for 2015, she pulled in it says, $10.6 million dollars in 2015.  Your reaction?

00:30 – MP:  Well I just think, you know, it is (laughs) it is breathtaking to see the way the Clintons throughout the last, you know, quarter century, have pursued a career in public life, but done quite well (laughs) in private life, and I think that it, it makes a lot of her class warfare rhetoric in her speech yesterday in Michigan ring hollow.  I mean this is a very wealthy family, and for her to be leveling the criticisms at Donald Trump that she leveled yesterday for his success, I think, you know I think now, you know, come into high relief.  I mean Donald Trump has laid out an economic plan for this country earlier this week.  It’s about lowering taxes for every American, lowering business taxes so our companies can compete in the world, having trade deals that work for everyone in this country, having affordable energy, ending the war on coal, repealing Obamacare and other onerous federal regulations.  That’s going to result in all ships rising and I’m very confident the American people, maybe even more so after today, are going to easily look past all of the rhetoric about tax cuts for the rich coming from Hillary Clinton and her supporters, and embrace the policies that Donald Trump’s advocating to get America growing again.

On Hillary Clinton’s Renewing Calls to Trump to Release his Taxes:

01:53 – RC:  She’s of course pressuring also Donald Trump and saying, look, he should release his taxes.  What do you say – should he?

02:00 – MP:  I think he’s made it very clear, he’s going through an audit at this time and will release the taxes when that audit is completed, and the financial disclosure statements have been filed on his behalf, and we’re of course going through that process as well as the candidate for Vice President.  But I think that will all happen in an orderly way and an appropriate time, but I really do think the release of her taxes today is proper, and it also… I hope it brings into high relief, that all… all of this class warfare talk that we heard coming out of her speech yesterday rings a little bit hollow.  What you have, you know, what you have in the Clintons is an extremely prosperous family that’s made tens of millions of dollars related to and derivative of their time in and around public service, and the American people now know that clearly from that release.

On the Timing of Trump’s and Pence’s own Financial Disclosures/Taxes:

02:56 – RC:  When you talk about financial disclosure forms coming from you and also Donald Trump, when will we see some more of these forms from both of you?

03:03 – MP:  I believe, I believe we’re completing those forms right now, as is appropriate under federal law, and we’ll be filing that, but I promise you, when my forms are filed and when my tax returns are released it’s going to be a quick read, Rita. (laughs) I can assure you and your listeners the Pences have not become more wealthy as a result of sixteen years in public service.  There’s been a lot of sacrifices, we’re a middle class family, and it’s been a tremendous honor to serve as I am as Governor of Indiana, and my years in the Congress, and we’ll look forward to making all that information available.

Talks About the Latest Poll Results:

03:37 – RC:  And Governor Pence I have to ask you about some of the latest polls.  In some of the battleground states, of course, he has dropped in some of the numbers, but there is some good news, in a Los Angeles Times poll, where I see it is really neck and neck.  Its 45% for Hillary Clinton, and Trump getting 43.8%, that’s certainly within the margin of error.  What are your thoughts on the polls?  There were some bad ones that we’ve seen in the last week or two though.

04:01 – MP:  My thoughts on all the polling, Rita, is there’s only one poll that matters (laughs) and it’s going to happen and be finished up in November, and that’s on Election Day.

04:34 – MP:  You’re going to continue to see more and more Republicans, Independents, and many Democrats, come and stand with this campaign, and I like our chances come November.

Regarding the Critics Who Say It’s Over:

05:56 – RC:  What would you say to the critics?

06:00 – MP:  I would just say to them… Stay Tuned.  It’s very early in this campaign.

On if This Race Can be Won By Trump/Pence:

08:06 – RC:  You believe this is winnable?

08:08 – MP:  Oh, I think Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States of America, because the American people are tired.  Tired of the same old, same old.

08:44 – MP:  I truly do believe and the American people know, they know we can do better.  But it’s going to take new leadership, it’s going to take a new vision, it’s going to take bringing back those common sense conservative principals, and that’s exactly what Donald Trump and I are going to be driving to Election Day, and I see victory on the horizon.

Regarding Critics:

09:02 – RC:  Do you believe that those pundits are going to be surprised?  The critics?

09:06 – MP:  Well they’ve been surprised before (laughs) I expect they’re going to be surprised again.

09:20 – MP:  He’s a man with broad shoulders, he’s got a clear vision, he’s strong. I think more and more Americans every day are being drawn to the plain and simple truth that this choice in this election is between change and the status quo.  It’s between someone who will shake up the establishment, rebuild American strength at home and abroad, and someone who’s just going to continue the failed policies of the past, and that choice, presented to the American people by Election Day in November, I truly do believe Donald Trump is going to be the next President of the United States.

Regarding the 70 ex GOP Lawmakers/Staffers who signed the letter asking the RNC Chair to stop Funds to Trump:

09:55 – RC:  Governor you talked about the GOP establishment, and in recent days we’ve seen seventy former GOP lawmakers and staffers, they’ve been urging the Republican National Committee to cut off funds to Trump, to give to down ballot candidates.  What’s your personal reaction, are you disappointed when you see that?

10:14 – MP:  Obviously people are entitled to their own opinions, but I’m actually not surprised that Washington insiders are resistant to someone who will bring the kind of change that Donald Trump is going to bring to our nation’s capital…  I get that.  I understand that.  You can go back to 1979 and 1980 and find some of the same reflections.  You know, there were a lot of people who thought Ronald Regan, you know, was not prepared to be President of the United States, that his strong vision for leadership at home and abroad was, as Hillary Clinton said the other day, was unrealistic… ‘wildly unrealistic’ was how she described Donald Trump’s economic plan.  They had the same view of Ronald Reagan, and Ronald Reagan stepped into the White House and America made an extraordinary comeback.  Same thing is going to happen when Donald Trump becomes President of the United States, and I couldn’t be more honored to be at his side.

On Reince Priebus Potentially Expressing Concerns to Trump:

11:14 – RC:  Has Reince Priebus also spoken to Donald Trump?  There were reports that he’s expressed concern.  Are you familiar with that?

11:30 – MP:  It really is extraordinary, the fact that stories get started in the rumor mill of politics, that have absolutely no basis in fact whatsoever, but that comes with the territory, we’re going to continue to focus forward.

12:05 – MP:  I can tell you, this party is united, this movement is united, Reince Priebus and the RNC are working very closely with the Trump campaign, and we’re going to continue to work shoulder to shoulder to drive toward victory in November.

Regarding Trump’s Comments on President Obama and Clinton being Founders of ISIS:

12:18 – RC:  You talked about ISIS, Governor Pence.  I want to ask you about Donald Trump’s comments, of course, which got a firestorm when he said that the President and also Hillary Clinton are the founders of ISIS.  Do you think he should have used the word ‘founders’ of ISIS?  What are your thoughts on that?

12:35 – MP:  There’s no question that the policies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton that resulted in the precipitous withdrawal of American forces from Iraq created a vacuum in that country in which ISIS literally was conjured up, and became a power to overrun hard fought territories in Iraq to advance violence in the region, to bring violence to our allies in Europe, and to inspire terrorist violence here in the United States.  There’s an old saying, Harry Truman used to say when you’re President, the Buck Stops on the President’s Desk, and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are responsible for the failed foreign policy that created a vacuum in which ISIS arose, and Donald Trump made that point this week, and it is point that the American people and everyone who is aware of the failed foreign policy this administration, understand.

On His Future Debate with Senator Tim Kaine:

14:27 – MP:  I look forward to the coming debate with Senator Kaine.  Our records, when he was Governor of Virginia and here, as I’ve been Governor of Indiana, are quite a contrast, and also (laughs) our positions on a number of issues, and that of our nominees are very different, but I look forward to a good, vigorous debate, being a part of a conversation this Fall that really, it’s not about the people involved, it’s really about the future of the country.

Regarding the Clinton/Trump Debates:

15:23 – RC:  How do you think he will fare in the debates against Hillary Clinton?  Do you think… there will be some knockout punches on either side?  What are you predicting?

15:31 – MP:  I can’t wait to see Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on the same stage… it’s going to be a great debate, and I just know Donald Trump is going to bring that clear-eyed, candid, strong vision to a national audience, and it’s going to be a great night.

15:51 – RC:  He won of course as you know in the early rounds, and all the rounds, according to many pundits, in his debates and in the primaries… Do you think he will beat her on the debate stage?

16:01 – MP:  I’m very confident that my running mate is going to provide a strong and clear vision in the course of those debates, and, you know, the pundits all will handicap these things, I’m sure he’ll do well.


Rita Cosby is a former FOX and MSNBC news broadcaster. Rita has been honored with three Emmy Awards, the Jack Anderson Award for investigative excellence, the Matrix Award, and the Ellis Island Medal of Honor. Known for her hard-hitting interviews and groundbreaking emergency reporting, Rita has surely embroidered herself in the fabric of famous and respected reporters.

Edited by Jim Kouri

Jim Kouri, CPP, is founder and CEO of Kouri Associates, a homeland security, public safety and political consulting firm. He's formerly Fifth Vice-President, now a Board Member of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, a columnist, and a contributor to the nationally syndicated talk-radio program, the Chuck Wilder Show.. He's former chief of police at a New York City housing project in Washington Heights nicknamed "Crack City" by reporters covering the drug war in the 1980s. In addition, he served as director of public safety at St. Peter's University and director of security for several major organizations. He's also served on the National Drug Task Force and trained police and security officers throughout the country.

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