Rep. Schiff Demands GOP Members Not to Mention ‘Whistleblower’ During Impeachment Inquiry Today

House Intelligence Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff of California speaks to the media. Schiff is leading the charge in the impeachment inquiry of President Trump. He’s also a well-known leaker of secrets within the Beltway.

Supporters of President Donald Trump are finding it more and more difficult to see and hear the news media  — many of whom are the Democratic Party’s answer to the propaganda squad in the tradition of Nazi film maker and agitprop maven, Joseph Goebbels.

Whenever the denizens of America’s newsrooms discuss the anti-Trump House impeachment inquiry they are always on the same page. For example, while evidence and proof of a political coup continues to mount up, the majority of news outlets describe the daily assault against Trump as being ‘fair.’

What is frustrating to clear-thinking Americans is when the media claim that Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, chose Adam Schiff as the lead investigator who has a genuine interest in being ‘fair’ and finding the truth for the American people.

“Of course, that premise is the epitome of hiding a ‘frame up’ being perpetrated on Trump and his most effective minions, some of whom are suspected of being ‘railroaded’ by politically-driven federal cops,” said Randolph Hutton, a former police investigator.

Officer Hutton noted,“If you tell a lie often enough and loud enough, it becomes the truth.”

“Another way of saying that is: If we don’t report it, then it didn’t happen,’” he added.

But beyond the fake news, suspicious documents and amateurish legal counsel, the ‘fair’ Shifty Schiff issued a warning to Republicans the day before Wednesday’s ‘open’ impeachment inquiries:

Basically, Schiff, who could be blown across the Potomac River by a light breeze, is playing Mr. Tough Guy with the Republican members of his House

Andrew McCarthy served in New York City as the Assistant U.S. Attorney. He prosecuted the terrorists who bombed the World Trade Center during the Clinton Administration.

Anti-Trump Committee, which was formerly the House Intelligence Committee  Mr. Tough Guy found it necessary to tell Republicans to shut up about the Ukraine whistleblower.

According to a former intelligence officer and a director of security, Patrick MacDougall, “This whole process is a sham, Stalinist show-trial. Our system of jurisprudence is a reflection of a number of the U.S. Constitution’s amendments which are being violated by the Democrats,” MacDougall noted.

“Any first year university criminology major could tell these Bozo Democrats and news gatherers that a fundamental right of the accused is to see and hear the accuser state his or her complaint,” stated expert interrogator and interviewer, Pat MacDougall.

Millions of American citizens believe it is Schiff, Pelosi, former CIA Director John Brennan and others who should face a criminal proceeding inquiry, or else they should at least hear about their questionable actions from the House Ethics Committee.

Byron York on Twitter  @ByronYork   11:27 am Nov. 12, 2019

Whistleblower started Trump-Ukraine matter, framed issue in way House Dems have adopted for impeachment.

Now Chairman Schiff orders GOP: Do not talk about whistleblower in impeachment hearings. If you do, you’ll hear from Ethics Committee. 

In today’s United States, “fairness” is described as being whatever Democrats and their nauseating media partners say it is.

Interesting what the former acting U.S. Attorney General Matt Whitaker had to say about the whistleblower’s identity: .“Not only is it dead on arrival, there’s a risk that the Senate doesn’t even take it up as it is a completely partisan exercise where [there are] only Democrat witnesses, only Democrats’ votes, and Republicans’ rights to due process and fairness are not honored,” Whitaker told Fox News Channel’s “Outnumbered Overtime.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., also accused Adam Schiff of not caring about the the facts — preferring  lies, innuendo and conjecture.

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