Rep. Jerry ‘Jabba the Hut’ Nadler Giving the Trump Impeachment a Shot

Rep. Jerrold Nadler has been a Democratic Party officeholder in New York City since he graduated from college.

Following Rep. Adam Schiff’s arguably embarrassing week of his impeachment nothing-burger before the Thanksgiving holiday, his fellow Democrat Rep. Jerrold ‘Jabba the Hut’ Nadler who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, announced his intention of trying his hand at ousting President Donald Trump from the White House.

Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) notified the news media that a hearing — “The Impeachment Inquiry into President Donald J. Trump: Constitutional Grounds for Presidential Impeachment” — will begin on Wednesday, December 4, 2019 at 10:00am (est), 7:00am (pst).

The hearing is obviously meant to keep the radical-wing of the Democratic Party happy since Rep. ‘Shifty’ Schiff failed during his fiasco in the House Intelligence Committee.

The passage of H. Res. 660, is a resolution that lays out the process for this portion of the impeachment inquiry and extends certain privileges to the President while the Committee considers whether to recommend articles of impeachment to the full House.

Chairman Nadler also sent a letter to President Trump today, reminding him of his and his counsel’s right to attend the hearing.

“But Nadler is once again deceiving the American people since he is holding his hearings while Trump is going overseas for the NATO Summit in London.

Chairman Nadler issued the following statement:

“As Chairman Schiff indicated…  the impeachment inquiry is entering into a new phase.  Today, we noticed a hearing on the ‘Constitutional Grounds for Presidential Impeachment.’  That hearing will take place next Wednesday, December 4th at 10:00 am.  Our first task is to explore the framework put in place to respond to serious allegations of impeachable misconduct like those against President Trump.

“I have also written to President Trump to remind him that the Committee’s impeachment inquiry rules allow for the President to attend the hearing and for his counsel to question the witness panel.  At base, the President has a choice to make:  he can take this opportunity to be represented in the impeachment hearings, or he can stop complaining about the process.  I hope that he chooses to participate in the inquiry, directly or through counsel, as other Presidents have done before him.”

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