Planned Parenthood caught by journalists bragging about violating law

David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) released a new video recently showing Planned Parenthood’s willingness to engage in the illegal sale of fetal body parts. In the video, President of the Medical Directors’ Council for PP Federation of America’s Dr. Mary Gatter says that $50 per aborted baby is “on the low end” of payment for fetal specimens. Gatter was shown in a previous CMP video discussing the sale of babies aborted at PP facilities, saying, “I want a Lamborghini.”

In the latest video (located below), Gatter says she wants the price to cover the cost of a technician who will harvest the fetal parts, including livers and lungs. Federal law prohibits the sale of fetal tissue for profit.

“Once again, David Daleiden has shed light on criminal activity at the highest levels of Planned Parenthood’s leadership,” stated Alexandra Snyder, Executive Director for the Life Legal Defense Foundation.

“I want you to see something kinda cool. This is kinda neat,” [says O’Donnell’s coworker]. So I’m over here, and . . . the moment I see it, I’m just flabbergasted. This is the most gestated fetus and the closest thing to a baby I’ve seen. And she is, like, “Okay, I want to show you something.” So she has one of her instruments, and she just taps the heart, and it starts beating. And I’m sitting here, and I’m looking at this fetus, and its heart is beating, and I don’t know what to think. O’Donnell is then told to “harvest” the child’s brain: “[She] gave me the scissors and told me that I had to cut down the middle of the face.” O’Donnell did as asked. (National Review)
“We look forward to the results of pending criminal investigations of a number of Planned Parenthood affiliates by the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI. Life Legal continues to press for the withdrawal of all federal funds from an organization that routinely exhibits a callous disregard for human life and that flaunts its willingness to violate the law.”

Life Legal represents Daleiden in two civil lawsuits filed against him by the National Abortion Federation and by Planned Parenthood Federation of America, along with numerous Planned Parenthood affiliates. Life Legal is also committed to Daleiden’s criminal defense following the filing of 15 felony eavesdropping charges by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra.


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