Obama’s Abuse of FISA Law Blasted by Former FBI Counter Terrorism Agent  

The phenomenally successful talk show host, Jim Schneider, on Tuesday — State of the Union Address Day — invited and interviewed well-known whistleblower John Guandolo, a former FBI Special Agent assigned to the agency’s Counter Terrorism Unit, during the nationally-syndicated radio show Crosstalk.  The main topic of discussion is the media coverage of the alleged abuse of the so-called FISA law (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act)  by the Obama administration, the Democratic Party, federal law enforcement and intelligence establishment, and the maniacally biased news media.
Crosstalk is heard on over 200 radio stations across the nation. Conservative Base’s Jim Kouri has appeared with Schneider regularly.

It is widely suspected that a FISA warrant was obtained by the FBI with the authorization of top White House officials by using documents they all knew were false to get the secret court judge to authorize electronic eavesdropping on then president-candidate Donald Trump and members of his political campaign.

“If that wasn’t bad enough, the Obama snoops continued their surveillance after Trump won the election and was putting together his transition team in the days before his inauguration,” notes Michael Snopes, a former NYPD detective and military intelligence operative.

Schneider’s guest on Tuesday, Guandolo, who is credited with creating and implementing the FBI’s first counter terrorism training, began the interview saying that there are two things he wished everyone to come away with today: “FISA is constitutional…FISA is necessary.”

Ever since the news media first broke the story of this four-page memo, Republicans (along with President Trump) began demanding its release to the public. Once considered secret, this memo details alleged government surveillance abuses going back to the 2016 Presidential race where reports are that the Obama Administration ordered spying on the Trump campaign and his transition team.

The Democrats, especially accused liar Rep. Adam Schiff, have countered calling the memo ‘bias’ and an attempt to undermine our Department of Justice and any ongoing Trump/Russia investigations. Regardless, some are calling news of this memo “worse than Watergate.” Meanwhile, Sen. Cory Booker, a New Jersey Democrat, accused the GOP of being guilty of treason if they release the “frightening” four pages to the public.

During Guandolo’s interview by Schneider, he explained how the FISA Court works and calls it an “important tool for our national security” which he says is “a train wreck.”

Guandolo also explained how this memo first came to light and warns of its ramifications — going as far as mentioning those in our nation guilty of “very serious crimes” (without naming any names) such as sedition and espionage.

Also discussed was the 2016 Las Vegas Massacre, former FBI Director James Comey’s decision not to indict Hillary Clinton, the sudden departure of Andrew McCabe for “terminal leave,” the Mueller investigation, and if a special prosecutor is required to investigate our own FBI?

More information:  www.understandingthethreat.com

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