Obama Presidency Was the Most Corrupt and Incompetent in U.S. History, GOP Leaders Say in Report

“The fact is that we already have more compelling evidence that the Obama administration engaged in misconduct than we ever did for opening the Russian-collusion investigation.” – National Review, May 12, 2020

The Obama Administration is turning out to be proven the most corrupt and incompetent in U.S. history and we cannot let them get away with it, according to a statement from President Donald Trump in an email sent to the National Association of Chiefs of Police.

“Barack Obama is the most corrupt and incompetent president in United States history. His administration was a total disaster and they need to be held accountable,” said President Trump.

“His administration directed the federal government to Illegally spy on my 2016 campaign so that he could further the Russian collusion delusion. The radical left has already shown that they will continue to defend his atrocious actions to try and get me out of office, which is why I’m calling on my best supporters to step up and fight back [against the Democrats and the Deep State],” Trump added.

“We’re less than six months out from Election Day [2020] and now that cheatin’ Obama is a proven crook, I want to send a message that our movement is stronger and more united than ever before,” said Trump..

Susan Rice’s relationship with the truth is very, very casual.

Meanwhile, House Judiciary Committee member Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Florida., told Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity on Wednesday night that Obama’s former National Security Adviser Susan Rice’s now-declassified email to herself from Inauguration Day 2017 is a perfect example of what Conservative BasePresident Trump described as one of the most corrupt administrations in U.S. history.

“If lies were music, Susan Rice would be Mozart,” said Gaetz.

While the news media’s phony journalists continue to heap praise on Rice, her reaction to the Battle of Benghazi is viewed as disgustingly fake statements made on five separate Sunday morning news shows.

The Justice Department’s court filings provide telling new public indications that the DOJ’s investigative searchlight has swiveled around to shine on a pattern of questionable tactics and behavior exhibited by the Democrat prosecutors working for Special Counsel Robert Mueller in his politically-driven probe into the bogus accusations of collusion between the Russian government and the Trump campaign to steal the 2016 election from the Democratic Party’s Hillary Clinton.

Obama’a corruption was highlighted in Judicial Watch’s infamous “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” list as a result of political scandals and dishonest rhetoric that existed during his entire time occupying the White House. Lawless behavior, regular violations of the U.S. Constitution, unprecedented secrecy, and abuse of so-called “executive privilege” to protect his senior officials all contributed to Obama’s designation as one of the most crooked politicians in the nation’s capital today. Actually, his flagrant disregard for the law lasted until his final days in the Oval Office when he and his quasi-crime gang reiterated their plan to frame Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, U.S. Army-Ret., Trump’s designated national security advisor.

Based on the filings and conversations with senior Trump administration sources, it now appears that U.S. Attorney John Durham’s inquiry into the origins and conduct of the Russia probe is widening, and several senior U.S. officials — Mueller prosecutors as well as top FBI leadership — may be under scrutiny.

Last month, the acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell declassified documents revealing that the FBI team investigating Russian interference in the 2016 elections had, according to Attorney General William Barr,  set a “perjury trap” for former Trump national security advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. The goal was to get the decorated U.S. Army general and intelligence official to “rollover” and implicate President Trump in a criminal conspiracy.

Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Florida,  Podcast 

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