Obama preparing executive order to expand gun restrictions on Americans

Notice that Obama's years in office saw 162 mass shootings, more than his four predecessors.
Notice that Obama’s years in office saw 162 mass shootings, more than his four predecessors combined.

Several denizens of the Capital Beltway say that the White House is expected to announce a new executive order to expand background checks of individuals attempting to purchase firearms, according to a report from the Homeland Security News Wire on Thursday.

President Barack Obama’s de facto head of national security, Valerie Jarrett reportedly ordered his advisers and attorneys to finalize a completed plan and send it to him quickly. “The president has directed his team in short order to finalize a set of recommendations on what more the administration can do on its own to save lives from gun violence, and those recommendations will include making sure we do everything we can to keep guns out of the wrong hands, including those expanded background checks,” Jarrett told a crowd of pro-Obama gun-grabbers in Washington, D.C.

“Americans are mobilizing. Two weeks ago I met at the White House with a group of gun owners who believe in the need for change. Many were former NRA (National Rifle Association) members who made clear to me that the NRA no longer represents them, and they assured me that many more gun owners were feeling the same,” said Jarrett, who along with National Security Adviser Susan “Benghazi” Rice” are the alleged architects of Obama’s anti-terrorism strategy.

“It’s almost comical to see and hear what’s going on in this rather dimwitted White House. Islamic terrorists kill Americans in their own country and Obama looks to hurry a plan to disarm Americans, but continues to lack a cohesive — and honest — strategy to destroy radical Islamic groups and prevent more San Bernardino massacres,” said police sergeant Larson Haynes.  “And if anyone believes anything this White House tells them, just ask the poor American workers who believed Obama’s ‘if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor’ or ‘you won’t pay a dime more for your healthcare coverage.’ The White House is a den of liars,” said the decorated police supervisor.

Another member of the White House’s “truth deficient” staff,  Press Secretary Josh Earnest on Thursday declined to get into the details of the President’s plans for gun-owners or when such an executive order would be signed and  distributed to the Beltway crowd including those who will be ordered to enforce the new rules.

“At this point, I still don’t have an update on the progress the administration is making on scrubbing the rules,” Earnest added. As expected, none of the reporters at the press briefing bothered to question the Obama anti-gun plan.

“These are essentially recommendations that the president has asked for from his staff based on their review of available executive authority,” Earnest told reporters. “The working assumption of this ongoing review is that Congress hasn’t acted and that’s been the source of immense frustration on the part of the president,” he added. “So given the congressional inaction, the question that’s been raised is what more can the Obama administration do, and that’s the substance of this review.”

“And there you have Earnest blaming the GOP lawmakers for not passing gun laws, as if they are supposed to ignore the U.S. Constitution on the whim of a stubbornly weak Commander in Chief. But it’s easy to do that when you have an entire news media marching in lockstep with a radical president,” said political consultant and attorney Michael Baker.

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