Obama launches new phase with old playbook: James Robbins

While his sycophants in the media played up Obama's speech, he said nothing new.
While his sycophants in the media played up Obama’s speech, he said nothing new.


In his prime-time address to the nation Sunday night,President Obama intended to reassure the American people in the wake of the San Bernardino terror attack, and lay out a strategy to counter the Islamic State, also called ISIL or ISIS. But he had nothing new to offer, and left a sense that he has lost control over a situation that he does not fully understand.


The president said the war on terrorism has “evolved into a new phase.” But just days after an undetected ISIL-affiliated duo was able to conduct the deadliest domestic terror attack since September 11, 2001, he didn’t have anything new to offer. Obama outlined a strategy to destroy ISIL, but it was the same strategy he was talking about a year ago. If it hasn’t worked, why will it do any better in the future

The president said we must be “strong and smart, resilient and relentless.” But he has said similar things before. Three weeks ago he said ISIL was “contained,” and later that day ISIL hit Paris. Shortly before the San Bernardino attack, Obama said there was no credible domestic terror threat. However, there was a threat, he just did not know about it. Deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes said recently that ISIL did not have the capabilities to mount an attack in this country.  But clearly it does, and did.

The FBI has close to 1,000 ongoing ISIL-related investigations in every state in the country. ISIL could have more boots on the ground here than we do in Syria. And the threat of the Islamic State radicalizing and recruiting people to conduct domestic terror attacks should come as no surprise because the enemy has been talking about this strategy for years.

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