Obama agrees with Chinese report: Americans are violent racists

Former President Barack Obama’s comments may have provided the People’s Republic of China with enough ammunition to spread their propaganda for the next ten years, a political strategist told the Examiner. When China released a report on human rights in the United States on Friday, their Information Office of the State Council claimed that the U.S. had not made any improvements regarding human rights issues over the past year.

In fact, the Chinese claimed in their report that there are numerous new problems in a country that elected its first African American president, according to Mike Baker, a political strategist. The report noted that money is a deciding factor in the US politics, and says that US citizens’ political rights are  not properly protected. And not enough efforts are being made to ensure the economic and social rights of its  citizens.

While Obama made a comment about racism being in Americans’ DNA and the problem must be addressed to change it, he and his supporters have claimed that homosexuality is in the genes of certain individuals and not acquired behavior and therefore they are incapable of becoming heterosexual. “This is another example of the illogical thought process of this president and his ilk,” said Professor of Criminal Justice, Janet King, who served as a police investigator for 25 years.
In their nation’s latest swipe at the United States, Chinese dictators assert that the United States “is haunted by the spread of guns, alongside the frequent occurrence of violent crimes.”  The  report also claims that firearms in the U.S. are involved in more than two-thirds (69%) of the homicides in 2014.
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