New year brings more crimes by Obama, NSA by Larry Klayman

Just when we thought we have seen everything from President Barack Hussein Obama, winner of the 2015 “Muslim of the Year” award, the Wall Street Journal revealed Tuesday that the “fearless leader” had committed even more crimes against the Republic and Jews in particular.

Not that we needed confirmation that his National Security Agency (NSA) has been unconstitutionally spying indiscriminately on all Americans under the guise of fighting terrorism. Indeed, last Nov. 9 we at Freedom Watch won a new victory enjoining this illegal criminal surveillance. We have now learned that Obama’s spying also encompassed intercepting communications of members of Congress and American Jewish organizations with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The reason? To throw a monkey wrench into their attempt to stop his traitorous and highly dangerous deal with Iran over atomic weapons. The potential exists that Obama used this illicitly obtained information, if not dirt, about legislators to blackmail them into not opposing the Iran nuclear deal – the centerpiece of his anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, but pro-Muslim foreign policy.

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