New Crime and Forensics Show Debuts on ‘America Out Loud’ Radio Network

Forensic criminologist and law enforcement expert Dr. Ron Martinelli is hosting a new crime and forensics show on the “AmericaOutLoud” radio network. Dr. Martinelli provides media expertise to FOX News, One America News Network and many national and international news networks.
 Video: The Daily Ledger with Emmy-Winner Graham Ledger, One America News Network (OANN)

Dr. Martinelli served as a “Street Cop” for much of his career and was a Field Training Officer, a field training coordinator and police academy instructor. He was the first street gang investigator at the San Jose PD and was assigned to a number of high-risk assignments including tactical patrol, burglary suppression and was an undercover robbery and prostitution decoy officer in the Street Crimes Unit. He was a highly decorated police officer, having received 140 police department and community commendations for his work, including a nomination for the Medal of Valor.

Dr. Martinelli provides forensic expert services to several State Attorney Generals’ Offices, major metropolitan cities the USMC Judge Advocate General’s Office, as well as to numerous nationally prominent private law firms. He is also a forensic investigations expert for FOX News, CNN, OANN, Discovery, History and Investigations Discovery channels; and is a contributing writer to USA TODAY, The Hill, POLICE Magazine, Law & Order Magazine, Tactical Solutions Magazine, The Forensic Examiner, The Law Enforcement Executive Forum, and He is also the author of the new book, “The Truth Behind the Black Lives Matter Movement and the War on Police,” (

Dr. Ron Martinelli’s forensic and law enforcement social media website is found at: where readers can find his insightful commentary and forensic articles addressing a variety of topics relating to the forensics, law enforcement and First Responder communities. His firm’s website is found at:

Video: Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler, One American News Network (OANN)


NACOP Chiefs of Police - James Kouri

Jim Kouri is a member of the Board of Advisors and a former vice president of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, Inc. a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization incorporated in Florida in May 1967. The Association was organized for educational and charitable activities for law enforcement officers in command ranks and supervisory agents of state & federal law enforcement agencies as well as leaders in the private security sector. NACOP also provides funding to small departments, officers and the families of those officers paralyzed and disabled in the line of duty.

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