“Never Trump” Sanford vs. “MAGA” Arrington: Nathan Tabor

The eyes of the GOP faithful across the nation will be on South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District GOP Primary next Tuesday night, June 12th as State Representative Katie Arrington is taking the fight to “Never Trump” U.S. Congressman Mark Sanford.  In fact, the long-time politician, who once campaigned on term limits, finds himself in the fight of his political life.

Arrington has hit Sanford hard on his vote to close Guantanamo Bay (GITMO), as well as being one of only five Republicans to vote against President Trump’s border wall funding. Calling Sanford, a “career politician,” the conservative firebrand Arrington has run effective TV ads showing film footage of Sanford on MSNBC and CNN trashing President Trump. A recent article from Breitbart stated that Sanford is “limping into his primary” as a result of his “repeated public rebukes of President Donald Trump on behalf of the ‘Never Trump’ movement.”

Sanford is in real trouble as recent polls confirm. This week, South Carolina leading political news website, FITSNews, went so far to say that Sanford is “on the ropes.” On Thursday night, South Carolina Post & Courier political reporter Schuyler Kropf tweeted out polling data showing the long-time politician in a dead heat with over twenty percent undecided.

Conservative grassroots activists across South Carolina’s Low Country are uniting being Arrington, and now strong supporters of President Trump’s across the nation are looking to see what happens next Tuesday night in South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District GOP Primary. An Arrington win will send a shockwave throughout the “Never Trump” movement and the D.C. swamp. ConservativeBase.com urges all conservatives nationwide to support Katie Arrington at https://www.votekatiearrington.com/.

Nathan Tabor

Nathan Tabor is a businessman, entrepreneur, dedicated husband and father. Tabor is passionate about making everything he's involved in the best it can be by developing good ideas and applying solid business experience. He is the author of The Beast on the East River which includes original research into key United Nations policy areas, including population control, education, and the international criminal court. And it offers practical steps that concerned American citizens can take before it's too late.

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