Liberal leftists’ heads exploding all over North America

History was witnessed by millions of Americans and worldwide in the early hours of November 9th. The horrifying faces of the losing liberals were exposed by the media that lied to them so many times about the polls that gave them the false hopes they had so desperately held on to.

Today, I wish to pay tribute to the whiny little sissies that cried over the devastating news that a man as rational as Donald Trump has won the election.

So, Lets create a new holiday to acknowledge the liberal coward and remember them as an example that we never should witness again.

November 9th will go down as the greatest day of triggering since the beginning of the first social justice warrior primate from the early days of the internet.

These SJW’s have spent many hour tirelessly behind their college professors equipped with the deadly keyboard. They spent many hours smoking pot and condoning the slaughter of the unborn and labored feverishly taking on the tasks of exploring the possibilities of more genders than the number of the stars or planets.

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